Eightball New CD “Love Struck” Rocks

Eightball New CD Rocks!

Cookeville Tennessee based band Eightball has just released their newest CD “ Love Struck” .
Eightball calls themselves “ A Modern Band with a Classic Look” Fronted by Founder and vocalist David Bush along with Chuck Gee , Greg Burnette,( Guitarists), Val Batts( Bass), Tayvieon Graham( Drums) make up the band Eightball.
Having seen them live before I knew I was going to like their new CD . They can go from Rockin out with dual guitar solos to soulful ballads and everything in between. Dave has an Amazing voice and the Guitar work on this CD is outstanding!
The band has been together several years and work very well together as a band putting on an Amazing show.
This New CD was recorded at the famous Sound Emporium Studios where everyone under the sun has recorded . They used Chief Engineer Mike Stankiewicz, and Recording and mixing Engineer Joe Trentacosti. The Cd sounds Fantastic! a mix of everything. Lots of Rock including one of my faves “ Harder Faster” “ Chasing your Dreams” reminds me of a catchy Anthem song . (I loved it too. ) “Party USA” is your typical party song which will have you Rocking out from the beginning. Those are always fun and I too loved it.  Another favorite of mine so far is “ Rest of Our Lives”  which is a great Ballad. Proving the band can do a little bit of everything.
I Highly recommend This CD to any Rock lover.  It’s never left my Cd player since I received it . They Will have a new Video out soon for “ No More Hate” .

Track listing :
1. Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.
2. Be Careful What You Wish For.
3. Chasing Your Dreams.
4. Harder Faster.
5. Love Struck.
6. No More Hate.
7. OPI.
8. Party USA.
9. Rest Of Our Lives.
10. Shout.
11. The Thrill.
12. Treat Me This Way.

To Get this CD and others go to eightballrocks.com or Facebook.com/eightballrocksu

Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

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