Alecia Nugent is set to release ‘The Old Side of Town’ tomorrow! Alecia’s first album in 11 years and her first country album to date. Today we are proud to premier her track off, “The Old Side of Town”- The Other Woman. This song was written by Brandy Clark, a legendary woman of country music.

This song was pitched to me by Melanie Howard. Before she played the song, she told me I had to listen all the way to the end before deciding if I liked the song or not. It reminded me of a moment in a movie, where the plot takes a twist, and it feels like someone sucker punched you at the end. Ouch!! Besides, every country record needs to have a cheating song.” – Alecia Nugent

Alecia Nugent behind the scenes talking about ‘The Other Woman

Brandy Clark penned this cheating song, but Alecia Nugent brought it to life like no one could. She paints a picture through her powerful vocals that makes this heartbreak song a beautiful tragedy. A song that Alecia was in awe of ‘The Other Woman’ and instantly fell in love with it. A heartbreak song of a woman being cheated on by her man with another woman but wait for the plot twist at the end that sets it over the top!

Click Here to listen to ‘The Other Woman’

The Other Woman is on her latest album “The Old Side of Town” which showcases Alecia’s unquestionable talents. Her strong range of notes high and low. A voice that shows power and not a single weakness. This album is a combination of her love for music which is on full display for fans to hear. The entire album is incredible the instrumentals along with Alecia’s amazing vocals makes for a great listen.

Alecia talking about her upcoming album ‘The Old Side of Town’

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