Alecia Nugent Releases New Singles Simultaneously To Texas and Country Radio

Today, songstress Alecia Nugent is releasing the heartfelt “Way Too Young For Wings” to Country radio at the same time that Texas programmers will receive the two-step delight, “Tell Fort Worth I Said Hello.” Both songs are from her critically-acclaimed, Keith Stegall-produced CD, THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN, which Knight-Ridder writer Keith Lawrence proclaimed “the best Country album I have heard in decades.”

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” laughs Alecia. “It’s a bit different for me – and it is a little risky ‘cause you never want to split your audience,” she notes. “But the two songs are so different, and the Texas market is a world of its own, so I’m all for jumping in and seeing what flies.”

“Way Too Young For Wings” should certainly “fly” at Country radio. The song, which enjoyed a global premiere on Roughstock, is sung with a “state of grace” emotional tenor. Written about the loss of her daughter’s high school sweetheart, the heart-breaking ballad offers a near-universal truth: we are all too young for wings.

I never thought I’d see ya here before meYou’re a sight for these sore eyes to beholdI wish that I could take your place this morningThis ain’t the way that life’s supposed to go

Way too young for wingsYou never even had a chance to chase a dreamThy kingdom come, thy will be done, but I’ll always believeYou were Way too young for wings (A. Nugent, J. Leblanc, J. Stegall, B. Maher)

“Tell Fort Worth I Said Hello” kicks off with an emotive fiddle riff, and two-steps the listener into another place and time. Delivered exclusively via CDX, it’s an unapologetically Country song and should appeal to Texas programmers and listeners alike. 

Did I hear you say you’re from the lone star stateI’ve got some real good memories of that placeI left a real fine cowboy there when I rode awaySo please do me a favor when you get back out that way

Tell Fort Worth I said hello Say you met someone in Tennessee a girl he used to knowThat town and him those times back when, just won’t let me goSo when you get back to Texas, tell Fort Worth I said hello (A. Nugent, L. Cordle, K. Denney)

Physical albums are available on Nugent’s website, and digital copies can be purchased via SpotifyiTunes / Apple Music. Additionally, radio programmers can access from AirPlayDirect.

ABOUT Alecia NugentA native of Hickory Grove, Louisiana, Alecia became the lead singer of her dad’s group, The Southland Bluegrass Band, when she was in her teens. She went on to record three albums for Rounder Records in the early 2000s, toured the U.S. extensively, and performed shows in Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Canada as well. THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN is her first release in 10 years. Now based in Nashville, Nugent was awarded SPBGMA Female Vocalist of the Yearhonors in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and won the IBMA Album of the Year award for MUSICIANS AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER. She has performed 71 times on the Grand Ole Opry and earlier this month she guest-hosted the Country Fix television show, which reaches over 100 MILLION households. She loves Peanut Butter Fudge Balls, fishing, and refinishing old furniture. 

Learn more and stay social with Alecia:Website: alecianugent.comFacebook: @Alecia Nugent Music Instagram: @Alecia NugentSpotify

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