Becky Brown’s Intimate Story Of Life With Opry Star Jim Ed Brown, GOING OUR WAY, Available Now As Audiobook

When Becky Perry Brown began receiving requests for an audio version of GOING OUR WAY, she knew only one person could narrate the book: her daughter, Kim Corwin. “She speaks so closely to my voice in both tone and experience,” Becky observes. “It is very personal, and I know a lot of it was difficult for her, but she did a brilliant job, and I am so proud of her. I hope everyone enjoys it.” The audiobook is available from Amazon and Audible. Fans can now listen to a sample. 

Brown and writing collaborator Roxane Atwood tell the Browns’ incredible journey –from their Arkansas raisings to their first date, to the production of Jim Ed’s last album – and the life lived in between. 

“It was hard for me at some points,” recalls narrator Kim. “I lived through all of that, although from a different perspective, but it was definitely difficult to re-visit some of the more emotional episodes. I love both of my parents, and my mom is probably the strongest person I know, so it was important for me to do the best I could. I just hope I did the reading justice,” she adds. 

(L-R: Kim Corwin, Becky Brown) 

It is a compelling story, and the Clovercroft Publishing offering has sold steadily in both hardcover and paperback options since its release in 2018. Becky is now excited to make the book accessible to even more people. GOING OUR WAY will delight Country fans with “insider” music business knowledge and engage the Christian reader with faith-filled asides. 

ABOUT BECKY: Born in Pine Bluff, AR, Becky is one woman of the 1960s “stay at home” generation who chose to buck the trend and retain her independence. Throughout her life with Jim Ed, Becky modeled; worked as a professional makeup artist; painted; danced; taught dance, formed a renowned dance troupe and founded a studio. While a supportive wife to her husband and a loving mother to two well-rounded children, Becky lived life her way, never allowing herself to be relegated to the shadows of Jim Ed’s stardom. She and Jim Ed were married for 54 years and have two children, Buster and Kim. Becky lives in Brentwood, TN. 
ABOUT KIM: Kim Corwin is a 25-year veteran of stage and screen. She has performed all over the world as a professional dancer and singer – even joining her dad on the stage of the Opry. She owned and operated three dance studios and now owns a Hot Yoga studio in Nashville. Kim is also a certified orthopedic massage therapist licensed in Tennessee, a certified personal trainer and a teacher at Mind Body Institute (a massage therapy school in Madison, TN).

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