Derby Eve (April 30th) a night Louisville was ready to be rocked but was tragically shocked with the terrible news of WYLD RYDE’s sound check accident that occurred before the show. We reached out to WYLD RYDE’s manager Rick Embry who is brothers to lead vocalist Chief. He informed us of happened and the status of the band mates and how much was riding on this SOLD OUT show.

Derby Eve Bash was WYLD RYDE’s debut SOLD OUT IN ADVANCE show back since Covid-19 halted the music industry and shut down Louisville music scene and music venues around the world. During this down time WYLD RYDE took advantage of the time off stage and amped up their stage production and theatrics to electrify their shows for the fans. World renowned promoters and magazines were to be in attendance in person and Facebook Live for the event that was to put WYLD RYDE on the map. This band has been getting recognition from producers and record labels that have legendary status in the rock and roll world. They see the potential that WYLD RYDE has and can explode into being the next big thing literally overnight. They were also excited for the unveiling of their new tour bus on full display that night which is pictured below!

The band was on stage gearing up for the show, going through the finishing touches in sound check. The unfortunate incident was caused by the lighting truss (which weighs upwards of 1,000 lbs) crashing down atop the band members and the stage. Thankfully Chief (Lead Vocals) and Kidd Vicious (Drums) were able to escape the downfall of the truss, however Tommy Blitz (Lead Guitarist) and Mick Watkins (Bass) were not as fortunate to escape injury free. As the truss was falling Mick tried to shield himself from the impact knowing he was going down to lessen the blow; Mick suffers 3 compound fractures to his ankle and is currently casted and in talks for surgery next week. Tommy was struck in the head which rendered him unconscious and bleeding from a large gash on his head, Tommy suffers from a Concussion, scalp laceration requiring staples, C1 vertebra fracture- which requires Tommy to wear a neck brace at least through July. He was given medical attention and stapled up and now on his way to recovering but can still barely move with many bruises across his body.

*The following images may not be appropriate for young viewers, viewer digression is advised.

The lighting truss damaged some of the stage equipment, destroying Tommy and Mick’s guitars along with shattering the lights leaving shards of glass all across the stage. We are thankful that Tommy and Mick will make full recoveries and that the incident was not worse than it was.

Even though the show did not go on as planned with Facebook Live their first 4 songs and all the excitement they were to deliver to fans live and via social media sadly. BUT this won’t stop WYLD RYDE from returning to the stage with a vengeance of putting on their debut show in front of a sold out crowd! These guys have a huge support system and a massive fan base worldwide that grows daily. Rick Embry (Manager) ensures us that WYLD RYDE will be back soon as the members are healed and able because they’re hungry to climb that ladder of success and has what it takes to use this as a step up not a step back.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the members of WYLD RYDE and even though this was a huge show with a lot of hype, they will be back, bigger, stronger, and wylder than ever!

WYLD RYDE has grown world wide recognition in Germany, Australia, England, and Canada to name a few of the countries these guys music is being demanded by fans and radio alike. Ranking number 1 for this hit song FANTASY, AND number 3 for my personal favorite PUSHIN on Australia’s Issac Banks Top 10 Daily Tracks! These guys have sold merchandise all across the world!

PUSHIN ranking number three on FM charts

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the members of WYLD RYDE and even though this was a huge show with a lot of hype, they will be back, bigger, stronger, and wylder than ever! A huge thank you to WYLD RYDE and manager Rick Embry for the exclusive information that can only be found here at Music Matters Magazine!


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