Kentucky State Fair Music Weeks Away!

August is almost here and we all know what that means, Kentucky State Fair time! This year the line up for the State Fair is a fantastic array of genes and artist.

“We’re excited to welcome everyone to the Kentucky State Fair and Texas Roadhouse Concert series
this August. We’ve got a great lineup with old friends like the Oak Ridge Boys and up-and-coming artists
like Jameson Rodgers and White Reaper. Additionally, we have seven artists that are from Kentucky,
which shows the incredible talent we have here in the Commonwealth. This year’s concert series will offer
something for everyone and be the perfect celebration after a year without many of our traditional
concerts and events,” said David S. Beck, President and CEO of Kentucky Venues.

Held August 19-29 during the Kentucky State Fair, the Texas Roadhouse Concert Series features a wide
range of musical artists with a different concert every night. All concerts are free with paid gate admission.

“The lineup for this year’s Kentucky State Fair Concert Series features something for everybody,” says
Texas Roadhouse spokesperson Travis Doster, “We look forward to being part of this event that brings
people together to create memories and fun like we do in our restaurants.”

The Texas Roadhouse Concert Series lineup is:

Thursday, August 19 Josh Turner with special guest Alex Miller

Friday, August 20 Ginuwine with special guest Color Me Badd

Saturday, August 21 Colt Ford with special guest Elvie Shane

Sunday, August 22 The Oak Ridge Boys with special guest T. Graham Brown

Monday, August 23 Zach Williams with special guest CAIN

Tuesday, August 24 Happy Together Tour 2021

Wednesday, August 25 P.O.D. with special guest All Good Things

Thursday, August 26 Jackyl with special guest The Kentucky Headhunters

Friday, August 27 White Reaper with special guest The Tommys

Saturday, August 28 Jameson Rodgers with special guests Exile and J.D. Shelburne

Sunday, August 29 Cory Asbury with special guests We the Kingdom and Jordan Smith

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