The Steel Woods Headline The Shed Two days!

The Steel Woods Headline The Shed for Two days!
After a Disasterous 2020 and The Shed was closed they have come back this year bigger and better! ( The Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson The Shed in Maryville, Tn.) It was an extremely hot and humid day in Tennessee but people showed up in droves To see The Steel Woods .
The Steel Woods are no stranger to the shed. They have played there several times over the years but this would be the first time they were to Headline Two days at the shed! and Thats not an easy thing to do either as the shed is so very popular everyone wants to play there.
January brought heartache to the Steel Woods camp as their beloved co-founding member Jason “ Rowdy” Cope Passed away suddenly. So fans were not sure what was going to happen. Singer Wes Bayliss decided to keep his friend memory and the music alive by playing on. Releasing their newest album “ All Of Your Stones”. Tyler Powers Stepped up to the plate to do Jason part .( and did a great job) As mentioned before the Steel Woods have played the shed before and Wes likes telling the story of their first time there at the inside stage of the Smoking Monkey lounge where there was only two people in attendance. They have come a long way this time headlining two days at the big outside shed stage to a packed house both nights.
They mostly did Their own songs but did throw in a cover of My favorite Allman Brothers song. “Whippingpost “ To the roar of the crowd.
Opening the Show was Them Dirty Roses. who are making the rounds who Just played Knoxville Tennessee Open Chord to a packed house.Them Dirty Roses This was their first time ever playing the shed and to get to open two days for the Steel Woods well thats pretty awesome!
Them Dirty Roses Originally from Gadsden Alabama who now reside in Nashville Tennessee wasted no time getting the music started and did a Fantastic job. ! Jumping allover the stage. Brothers James and Frank Ford doing a double drum solo to the roaring crowd. Ben Running all over the place Rocking out and when his hat comes off hes about to get to Rocking even harder and he did, Andrew was all over the place rocking out and everyone seemed to love them. doing their own music but throwing in a cover here or there. “ Holy Roller “ is already becoming a fan favorite and “ Sunday Drunk” is their newest single to date.
Both Bands put on an Amazing show and no doubt will be coming back to the shed. Be sure to check them out. and Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine.

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