Unleash The Archers, Aether Realm, Seven Kingdoms, & Lords of the Trident LIVE show review & Exclusive Photos

On December 9th, 2021 Unleash the Archers played at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The supporting acts were Aether Realm, Seven Kingdoms, and Lords of the Trident. Power Metal was the genre for the evening and the supporting bands complimented the show.

Lords of the Trident is from Madison, Wisconsin and opened with “Death Dealer”. They finished the set with the song “The Metal Sea” with band members from Seven Kingdoms and Aether Realm. Seven Kingdoms traveled from DeLand, Florida and opened with the song “After the Fall”. They provided a spectacular show and played the cover “The Boys of Summer by Don Henley” which the crowd sang their hearts out.

Aether Realm traveled from Greenville, North Carolina and opened with “Redneck Vikings From Hell”. During their set Sabrina Valentine from Seven Kingdoms joined vocalist Vincent Jones to sing “Guardian”. After a killer performance from Aether Realm the time came for Unleash the Archers to take over the stage.

The crowd was shouting “Unleash the Archers” as the intro song began. Each band member entered the stage and Brittney Hayes started off the set with “Abyss”. Every song was carefully selected on their setlist to tell the perfect story. Each band member was filled with excitement and joy in their stage presence. The final song of the night was “Carry the Flame” which is the perfect song to say farewell to an amazing Power Metal concert.





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