New Heart-wrenching Single ‘Through with you’ by Alex Miller

From small-town Lancaster Kentucky to the American Idol stage, Alex Miller has been seeing success around every corner. Debuting with his original song ‘I’m over You so Get over me’ on American Idol where fans and judges alike grew fond of Alex (especially mentor and judge Luke Bryan.)

Now, Alex Miller is taking back to the spotlight with his new single ‘Through With You’ that debuted on all music platforms just last night. Written by Alex Miller and producer Jerry Salley ‘Through with You’ is a pinnacle, original, song of Alex’s career so far.

‘Through with You’ is the story of a broken heart that struggles to find a way to mend itself; dealing with a major loss, all while fighting the memories and empty feelings to come through stronger on the other side.

Alex performing at the Kentucky State Fair 2021

Alex, a gentleman through and through, writes from his soul, with personal stories and lessons he’s learned along the way. Staying true to himself, he expresses a sorrowful yet triumphant piece of his journey that sits with anyone and everyone who has experienced a breakup.

‘Through with You’ is a featured single that will be on Alex’s upcoming debut album, due out this spring.

One thought on “New Heart-wrenching Single ‘Through with you’ by Alex Miller

  1. There are great things happening for Alex. One of the most talented young people I’ve seen. Such a talented person for 18 years old. I’m following you all the way. Congratulations on your new song . Best of luck in your future ❤️ You got this Alex.


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