Eightballs New Album ” Heat Of Her Thighs Rocks!

Eightball Newest CD “ Heat Of Her Thighs”

The Rock Band Eightball has a New CD out. Their 4th Cd to be exact.
Its Titled “ Heat Of Her Thighs”
And Boy let me tell you these guys just keep getting better and Better.
This Album ROCKS!
It was Recorded at the world famous Sound Emporium Studio in Nashville Tennessee.
Chief engineer is Joe Trentacosti . Final mix by Anthony Focx. Dave does the lyrics for their songs and the guys all collaborate on writing together.They Blend very well.
One of their songs off this album called “ Still Falling” has become their most successful song to date. I personally LOVE this song and they have a very cool and very well done video for this song so be sure to check it out!!! It was released on christmas day 2021.
The Track listing for the songs are as follows:

  1. Heat of her Thighs.
  2. Still Falling
  3. Southern Girls
  4. Heavens Highway
  5. Motor Jacked
  6. Let Us Rock You

All the songs are Rockers except for one ballad. (Still Falling) .
Its very hard to choose a favorite song on this album . The guitar playing is Extrodinary and the vocals are Excellent . This is a MUST HAVE Cd for any Rocker.

Band Members are Dave Bush ( Vocals) Greg Burnette ( Guitar) Chuck Gee ( Guitar) Val Batts ( Bass Guitar) Tayvieon Graham ( Drums)
Be sure to get this CD and their others at http://www.eightballrocks.com
Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

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