Cole Swindell Sold-Out Show at The Amp Photo Gallery

Last night Cole Swindell kicked off the season for The Amp at Dant Crossing with an epic sold-out show! The rain ended hours before the show started, and fans poured into this STUNNING amphitheater for a night of some great country music by Cole. Cole Swindell, a country hitmaker with hits such as “Middle of a Memory,” “You Should Be Here,” and “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey,” gave fans an experience of a lifetime.

The Amp gives fans more than a concert to remember but also local made bourbons that have made Dant Crossing a household name for spirits all around the world. The sheer beauty of the amphitheater, the Tasting Room, the entire lay out of the grounds was designed with the fans experience in mind. The view from the balcony is one that is breathe taking at sunset!

Photos by Ryan Pike of Music Matters Magazine

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