The Black Crowes with Howlin’ Rain, Portsmouth, Virginia June 22, 2022

By Glenn Woodell

In a long-awaited reunion, Chris and Rich Robinson stepped out from their individual projects; Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Magpie Salute, and shared the stage for their Shake Your Moneymaker tour as the Black Crowes. 30 years and much controversy later, they took the stage and played the entire album, 30 years after it came out as their debut album.

While Rich was a stoic as ever, Chris looked more like a combination of Robert Plant and Mick Jagger in his choreography with the mic stand. Opening for the night was Howlin’ Rain, a bluesy-rock band out of Oakland, California.

Howlin’ Rain


The Black Crowes

1. Twice as Hard
2. Jealous Again
3. Sister Luck
4. Could I’ve Been so Blind
5. Seeing Things
6. Hard to Handle
7. Thick N’ Thin
8. She Talks to Angels
9. Struttin’ Blues
10. Stare it Cold
11. Sting Me
12. Oh Josephine
13. Easy to Slip
14. Wiser Time
15. Thorn in My Pride
16. Remedy
Encore: Charming Mess


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