Alex Miller Releases Offical Music Video – “When God Made The South”

Alex Miller, Kentucky native, American Idol alum is giving fans a new look at the diverse talent and style that is Mr. Miller Time. “When God Made The South” is a rowdy beer swigging’ good time! This song is a step out of Alex’s comfort zone and proudly displays the still growing talents of Alex Miller.

The Miller family farm in Lancaster, Kentucky sets the scene for the dancers in crop tops and cut-offs who were filmed slinking through barns, hopping on four-wheelers, and climbing into pickup trucks. Close friends and family members, including Alex’s great uncles and his grandmother, joined the dancers to cut a serious rug throughout a vibrant bonfire scene. 

250 fans joined Alex and his band at the Silver Eagle night club in Rockcastle, KY – a honky tonk he played at in his early years – to film performance shots. Alex’s obviously hereditary slick dance moves are featured, along with those of the brunettes, Gracie Thom and Calloway Denton, who kept things steamy. Miller was teased by the crew for literally blushing during filming and editing. “I’ve led a pretty sheltered life, I guess,” Alex admits. “I mean those girls were so nice and so … athletic. It was kinda overwhelming. But it’s all good.” 

The song was released earlier this month, becoming an instant hit with fans. The music video to pair along with it is just the icing on the cake. This song gives 90’s country feels during a time now, when real country music is scarce.

Bar dancing and bonfires in a empty field with a good looking woman by your side is what country is about! Especially here in Kentucky.

There’s no doubt He had a real good day
There were Blackberry’s blooming in the red dirt clay
And the smell of Jasmine floating through the Pines
I bet He knew right then we’d love our chicken fried
And sweet tea to wash it down 
When God Made The South” (Jerry Salley/C. Aaron Wilburn/Lee Black)

“I really took the Idol judges’ advice to heart,” Alex admits. “I get that I have to challenge myself and keep growing to keep going in this business. This song was perfect for me. It screams ‘hit’ and the minute I heard it I knew we had to cut it. The lyrics are straight on Country. If you just read them, you’d never know this single was so edgy, but Jerry’s production takes things in a whole different direction – and I think it is just awesome.”

Alex carry’s his distinctive southern twang into this uptempo gritty tune. Displaying a side of Alex we have yet to see, a side we have a new found appreciation for. Alex, Proving his musical ability literally has no ends, and can do anything he puts his mind to. The song, the video, together are a pinnacle point for Alex’s young career thus far.

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