Juna N Joey Up and Coming Country Duo : Artist of The Week

Sibling duo, Juna N Joey have been turning heads since becoming a TicTok sensation with over 10 million views. 10 million! That’s influencer status! They have also accumulated over 8.1 million views on YouTube. Social media has given Artist the ability to put their selves out there for the world to see, with any big corporate backing. The views speak for themselves, as Juna N Joey continue to gain traction with their latest single “I’m So Over You”.

Juna N Joey, West Palm Beach, Florida natives have already been traveling the world. They recently did a tour with UK based artist Twinnie in the United Kingdom. They have also notably performed on Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family,” as well as toured with American Idol alum Cade Foehner! Their contemporary country sound is strong for being as young as they are. Meaning, they have the talent to push themselves to the top of country music with their natural ability and support behind them.

Their latest single “I’m So Over You” is a love story gone wrong, depicting a sad harsh reality for some folks that have dealt with alcohol abuse in a relationship. Giving someone all you have but doing what’s best for yourself and leaving the situation. Juna and Joey both deliver powerful vocals that drives home the message of self worth. This song from start to finish is a fantastic listen. I believe this is just the start of something incredible this brother and sister duo will accomplish.

About Juna N Joey:

Juna at 17, is an attractive and charismatic singer/songwriter with the confidence of a seasoned pro. She is a multi-instrumentalist in the band.

Joey at 20, is also a singer/songwriter, with heartthrob looks and power baritone vocals. He is also a multi-instrumentalist with the band. The duo’s harmonies resonate with the familia perfection that only exists by their natural bond.

They have just finished a radio tour kicking off in Atlanta at iHeart station WUBL. You can view their hundreds of interviews on all major outlets, radio and podcast websites on google. http://www.junanjoey/epk.

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