MESSER’s Heavy Hitting “Unfvckwitable” Song & Music Video

MESSER, Dallas Tx based independent rock band has been showing the world that they mean business, that they in fact are “Unfvckwitable”! This ensemble of band mates bring their high energy and catchy lyrics to the forefront of the ground breaking rock industry, all while being independent. A challenge that they accepted and rose above. “Simple Man”, “Whiskey”, “Hope In This World”, and “Make This Life” – hits that put MESSER on the map. Now, MESSER is back in the spotlight with “Unfvckwitable”.

“Strong like a diamond cut through the silence
Be unbreakable
Break down their walls and you’ll show them all you’re

The band says “Unfvckwitable” is a state of being. It’s the conscious decision to be unfazed and unaffected by the storms around you. It’s a commitment to strength of character. Having the clarity to not back down from your goals no matter what life throws at you. Strive to be Unbreakable, to be Unstoppable…  To BE UNFVCKWITABLE

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