Of Limbo Tells all in Christmas Interview

It’s Christmas time and you know what that means! Christmas interview time! Today we are joining by special guest- Of Limbo (Jake Davies – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Luke Davies – Lead Guitar/Vocals)! Thank you guys for your time and let’s dive on in!

Hot Chocolate, Eggnog, or Apple Cider?

Luke: Hot Toddy (Whisky/Bourbon, Hot Water, Honey & Lemon).

Do you have a favorite holiday scent?

Jake: Our mom would always make Ravioli and this other worldly Salmon with a dill, garlic and onion sauce that we have never been able to replicate ourselves. So for me.. that smell of that sauce is the definition of Christmas.

What are you most thankful for this year?

Luke: I think I can speak for both Jake and I that we’re particularly thankful for all the new people that have come into our lives through music. We have met so many incredible friends over the last couple years through touring and the magic of the internet, brought together by our shared love of Rock and Roll. It’s a truly special thing that’s enriched our lives.

Do you enjoy decorating? 

Luke: I much prefer supervising the decorating. Preferably with a drink in hand. 😉

Let’s settle the debate: does the Christmas tree go up after Halloween or after Thanksgiving?

Jake: People who put up a tree before December are like the adult Disney season pass holders, creepy. Like Cathy Bates in “Misery” vibes.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If not, are there any that you would like to try or start?

Luke: We have an aunt that lives in Long Beach who invites us over for Christmas dinner every year. The food is – to put it mildly…disagreeable. So each year Jake and I will eat the bare minimum not to be seen as rude, and when it’s all over – we haul ass home and order dominos. It’s an annual tradition!

How long did you believe in Santa?

Jake: I don’t know… But when I found out Coca-Cola invented him for an advertising campaign – my world was never the same.

Do you do your Christmas shopping early, or are you a last second shopper?

Luke: I usually get mine done pretty early, try to cash in on those Black Friday savings for Christmas. If anyone reading this is still looking for that special gift for that special someone…Look no further:


What does Christmas mean to you?

Jake: It means downtime – we usually get this time of the year off from touring. We try to lay low with a couple acoustics and flesh out new riffs and melodies.

We all know Christmas dinners mean some of the dishes that we’ve been craving like homemade dressing, grandma’s turkey and ham. What is the dish you are most looking forward to digging into come Christmas dinner? 

Luke: Domino’s Pizza (See above)

What are your plans this year for Christmas?

Jake: This year we are hosting a family of fans from Kansas City who happen to be taking a vacation to Southern California. Whenever we see them out on tour we have deeply competitive UNO games at their place or Air B N’ Bs between shows. So I’m sure a lot of boozy games are on the cards – see what I did there?  😄

Do you have to have snow to really make it feel like Christmas or could you live without it?

Luke: We grew up in Australia, so summer Christmases were the norm for us. Sunny days hanging outdoors playing basketball and having beers by the barbeque. Now, living in Long Beach, we still don’t get any snow. Excited to try a classic American snowy Christmas one day, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Are there any Christmas tunes you like to put on to set the Christmas mood?

Jake: “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” by our boys in Small Town Titans. “Carol of the Bells” by August Burns Red, Danny Elfman’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack. 

We see it every year, something new is made smelling or tasting like pumpkin spice. What are your thoughts? Overkill, bring it on, or really do not care? 

Luke: A pumpkin’s only purpose in this world is to be carved at Halloween.

 Do you have any memorable Christmas memories from your childhood or recent that make Christmas a memorable time of year?

Jake: We often used to gather at our aunt’s farm for Christmas in a rural town called Shepparton back in Australia. We’d ride their horses, explore the terrain, and always sit down for a big family feed. At the end of the meal we’d all split into pairs and play Christmas poppers (or Bon Bons as we called them back home). Luke always beat me. Always.

From The Grinch, Santa Claus, Home Alone, there’s tons of Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit, Rank your top 5 Christmas movies. 

Luke: Die Hard,  Batman Returns, Home Alone, Nightmare before Christmas and Scrooged. Honorable mention, Bad Santa. 

Who would win a fight: Santa or The Grinch?

Jake : Santa would destroy the grinch in a fight to the death. For one, Santa has old man strength and is all round a large unit. He is hauling around massive sack of presents, having to smack elves around when they get out of line and attempt mutinies. The grinch is built like a bullfrog and is a constant complainer. In my experience complainers rarely have the jingle balls to actually do anything about what they complain over.

Luke : Nah – dude, the grinch is a ratty mofo: He’d fight dirty…  Throw some snow in Santa’s eyes, pull him by his beard. I got Grinch all day.

A huge thank you to Jake and Luke of Of Limbo for being here today. Be sure to connect with the band by using the links below. These guys are FANTASTIC musically and personally so you will definitely be hooked!

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