Allie Colleen Returns to Knoxville Tn. Kicking off Tour and Releasing New Music

Allie Colleen an Oklahoma Native Singer/Songwriter who now resides and calls Nashville her home. Kicked Off her 2023 Concert tour in Knoxville Tennessee at the Open Chord All Things Music! Allie has been playing and Singing since she was only 14 years old . She once again graced the stage at The Open Chord. This was her third Time playing here and her fan base keeps growing bigger and bigger each time. she’s become quite popular in this area. Allie has Tremendous talent and an Amazing power house voice but can still deliver a soft ballad that will quiet any room . Allie is like a breath of fresh air that makes her stand out above the rest and has been called THE artist to watch in 2023. I would have to agree. Everyone was clamoring to meet her as she took to the stage. She was doing her acoustic set this night to a full crowd and was having fun telling stories and Jokes in between songs. She did her popular song ” Aint The Only Hell My Momma Raised” and we got a real Treat Allie release her new single called “ Honest Man” that very day she played The Open Chord and we got to hear it performed live! It sounded wonderful! Be SURE and go check it out its another Great song from Allie and its sure to be another Big Hit! Its Been Streaming like crazy! She ended the night with ” WildFlower” all Awesome songs. We caught up with Allie and asked her a few questions:

  1. What’s New with you Allie? Any New Music News?
    “ I have a new song released its called Honest Man. It came out at midnight.(2/10/2023) Its been released For valentines day .Its about how a female taking the initiative to propose instead of the typical manner. It was written by Allie and 3 of her good buddies.
    2.Who Inspires You Musically? “Nobody really I don’t try to fit in.”
    3 What Is Your Songwriting Process? How do you go about it? “ “ I Use my voice recorder on my phone . something just hits . I’m always listening to people. it just comes out of nowhere. sometimes its melody or title sometimes its months before I revisit them let it do its thing. its always different.” 4. Do you write most of your songs or collaborate? I collaborate a lot. I spend a lot of time traveling and I feel like I get a lot out that way .You can live the same experience and not experience it the same way. so a co-writer will take it and write it totally different than I would write it. its so cool how our two worlds can come together like on “honest man” having two guys on it asking them how would this make you feel sexy and cute and masculine and handsome and big and strong? I really do enjoy collaborating. Finding producers to take that song to the next level is a really big deal to me I’m very proud of everyone I’ve worked with and I’m very grateful for that support system.5.What are your aspirations for this year to achieve? Alot of things are important to us, our media goals. Numbers were setting goals to hit. Also catering to the followers, we have very sweet and very large fan base we have had for a very long time. who would love to know more about me. I want to be more in touch with social media . Alot of new music to put out. unrecorded music to put out and staying healthy physically and mentally.6 Out of all of your songs do you have a favorite ? and why? I don’t have a favorite favorite but I would use the word proud. “ Blame It On The Weather” was the only solo write I’ve released and we have a couple solo writes to come out this year. When you write that song you have to take the narrative for that entire song. So “Blame It On The Weather” was a Really Big deal for me. “Pink Lemonade” was the only song I was not a writer on that I cut. Nora Collins put it out 2017/2018 her version is great. Check it out .Shes real sweet and I’m not so we had to make it sound like us. Her version is very sweet n cute. So I’m very proud of those two songs. Very grateful for all my songs and to just have music as an outlet is really just the coolest thing.7 Is there any piece of advice you have received thus far that’s helped you out the most? I was sitting in a bar one night with Johnny Garcia and he said it doesn’t matter where you come from good or bad. Your the one who sits on that stage. Your the one who represents yourself . Your the one who shows up every day. Your the one who wants to do this and work your way hard doing it that’s enough.8 What advice would you offer to a new artist just getting started? I don’t mean to come off rude or tongue in cheek but if you think for a second there’s something else you want to do other than music then you go do that because music will save your life and it will kill you and its the coolest thing ever. to be a part of. YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR BOOTS ON.. .9.Anything else you would like to add? I have a Facbook page fanclub. Its called The Cool Kids. They go on trips together and music brought them together. We also head to the west coast for more tour dates. We have new merchandise like. temporary tattoos and new t-shirts. Lots of cool stuff. Thanks to Allie for taking the time to answer a few questions so the fans can get to know her a little better and find out what she’s been up to. Her latest Album “Stones” Is an Amazing Album and is doing wonderful! Allie is Definitely The artist to keep watch on for 2023! You will be able to say you saw her when! Allie Really does pour her heart and soul into every song. Go to to keep up with her. Be sure to catch her if she comes your way! Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine.

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