The Fairview Union Band Releases New Album!

The Fairview Union Band Recently Released their fifth Album Titled “More.” They had hoped to release it sooner, but the pandemic slowed things down. .
The Fairview Union Band is a In Your Face, Fast Paced, Rockin Regional Country Band From The Hills Of Tennessee.
They are a Husband and Wife Duo with Great Chemistry on and off the stage. Their Stage Shows are top notch and they should be your next power couple! They Have The Look, The Sound and stage presence. Chad Wilson Wrote the songs along with some help on a few songs by His Beautiful Wife Kelli Kerr Wilson and a few others.
The Album is comprised of several Rocking tracks and some heartfelt ballads.
I was Very Impressed With this Album. It was very well put together with very well written songs. Vocals were on point, The connection between Chad and Kelli is unmatched. This is the most upbeat, well put together, refreshingly great Rocking country album Ive heard in a long time. Totally Blown away at the production of this album. Their BEST album to date!
They have Played with Chase Rice and Tracy Lawrance in the past . .
Some of my favorite songs on this album are:
“ Fire”, Which is a great fast paced rocking tune. “ Hammered on a Tuesday” Another great rocking tune you know you got to hear this one with that title!
“Believer” beautiful ballad, anthem type song. that Chad and Kelli nail!
“ Come Lay Down” and “ Still Love Looking at You” both great power ballads that touch your soul.
“ Buckin Town” another get down rocking tune and “ another heart felt beautiful song. called “I’m Not Me”.
The Whole Album Is Great from start to finish. This is a MUST HAVE Album .
The Track list is as follows:

  1. Fire
  2. Hammered On A Tuesday
  3. Believer
  4. Mexico Manana
  5. Come Lay Down
  6. Still Love Looking At You
  7. Get By
  8. Broken Boomerang
  9. Buckin Town
  10. Brother Of Mine
  11. More
  12. I’m Not Me

Be Sure to keep up with them go to Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

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