Welcome to Music Matters Magazine

Music Matters Magazine is an online editorial/pictorial site whose main purpose is to bring its friends, family and fans the latest information in the music industry, press releases, CD releases, tour information, live concert photo galleries and reviews. Please join us in our venture and we hope that you will continue to follow us on all of our social media pages and here at Music Matters Magazine !!! Our staff includes: Jason Evans, photographer/editor/writer from Englewood, OH and Ryan Pike photographer/writer/editor from Harrodsburg, KY. We will be covering the live music scene primarily in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. We hope that you will stay and browse our site for a while and hopefully find it informative and entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Music Matters Magazine

  1. Congratulations!!! I am looking forward to seeing work of yours together. Thanks for sharing this page with me.


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