Meet Stephen Cochran: Country Singer/Producer Supporting Veterans With His Talent

Stephen Cochran is a country music singer/songwriter and producer but most importantly is a veteran of the United States Marines. Stephen is very loyal to his Marine Corps and Veteran brothers and sisters as everything that he does has VET all over it. Ive decided to write up this article to bring awareness to Stephen’s music and his mission of spreading awareness of the difficulties that Armed Service Veterans encounter in their everyday lives such as PTSD and homelessness. If you have ever been to a Stephen Cochran Project show then you know first hand just how passionate Cochran is when he plays his music and speaks of his duties in the service, struggles after his discharge, and when he speaks of his fellow service members and friends.


Stephen was active duty in the United States Marines serving terms in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stephen would become injured while on active duty with a broken back in which left Stephen being unable to walk and both of his legs paralyzed. While still overseas, Stephen was informed that he would never walk again and was sent home to begin a regiment of intense therapy and rehab. Stephen would overcome the odds and eventually began to walk again and when you hear about this inspiring story live in concert it will leave chills up and down your spine. You will notice that the guitar that Cochran plays is full of autographs and signatures of his hero’s. However, these heroes are not the signatures of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings but they are the signatures of the people who Stephen admires the most, his fellow brothers and sisters of the service.

Stephen Cochran-1

The Stephen Cochran Project has an upcoming video recording coming up in which they are asking for volunteers (preferably veterans) to assist with this video. The video for “She’ll Thank Me Later” will be recorded in Nashville, TN on September 19th. Check out Stephen Cochran Project on Facebook for more information! Also, this month on August 22 you can help Stephen support veterans and hear the songs and stories of SCP and special guests live at Belcourt Taps in Nashville, TN at 8PM during the second monthly awareness round for #stop22. Stephen is also a supporter of veteran produced alcohol products such as Heroes Vodka by a good friend of his and USMC veteran, Travis McVey. So, if you are a country music fan and want to show your support of veterans please check out Stephen Cochran’s music and shows in your area!


Please make sure to mark your calenders, for August 22nd. It will be the second monthly awareness round for the ‪#‎Stop22‬. Our first event was amazing and thank you all for coming to support! Hope to see you all there for this one will be very special.IMG_0491

#Stop22 Monthly Awareness Round

Saturday, August 22 at 8:00pm in CDT

Belcourt Taps in Nashville, Tennessee

Feel free to view the photo gallery below of various Stephen Cochran performances courtesy of Jason Evans at

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