Concert Review/Photos: Toto and Yes Rocked The Rose Music Center on Friday Night!


The Rose Music Center in Huber Heights was packed with classic rock fans on Friday night August 14 as the Yes/Toto tour rolled into town. Toto would be the first band to take stage featuring Steve Lukather on guitar and vocals, David Paich on keyboards and vocals, Steve Porcaro on keyboards and vocals, Shannon Forrest on drums, Joe Williams on vocals and David Hungate on bass. The very moment that Toto took the stage the entire crowd was standing on their feet and ready to be rocked by these legends. Toto would begin the show with Running ‘Out Of Time’ and ‘I’ll Supply the Love’. The crowd would erupt into a frenzy and becoming the loudest that it had been since the beginning when the band would play ‘Hold The Line’. The band would play ‘Rosanna’ and ‘Africa’ to finish out their set as the crowd would sing along and dance for the final 2 songs.

Toto sounded great as they showcased the many talents of the bands with dual keyboardists, both of which shared the vocals with lead vocalist Joe Williams who participated in the majority of the vocals. The band certainly knew how to engage with the crowd as Joe, Steve, and David would all approach the front of the stage and interact with the fans at times. Steve was a ball of energy  moving around a lot while staying behind the keys. However, there were many stragglers coming in throughout Toto’s set and by the time that they finished and Yes was set to take the stage, The Rose Music Center was probably 95% full.

335YES would begin their set with a touching tribute to the memory of the legendary Chris Squire. Squire passed away this year after a courageous battle with Leukemia. Alone in the spotlight stood a white Chris Squire signature Bass Guitar while the intro was playing and memoirs of Chris flashed on the screen center stage. Yes has dedicated this tour to the 332memory of Chris Squire. Bassist Billy Sherwood is touring with Yes this year as Chris Squire had no plans of touring this year due to his health prior to his passing. Yes is currently consists of singer Jon Davison, guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Alan White, keyboardist Geoff Downes and bassist Billy Sherwood. Yes would perform a lengthy setlist including a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘America’ and my favorite Yes hit ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’. Lead vocalist Jon Davison was an amazing performer onstage with a great voice. Jon knew how to work the crowd while playing the tambourine and moving from one side of the stage to another. Guitarist Steve Howe was truly amazing! I found myself captivated with the precision of the notes that he would play on the guitar. The light show that goes along with Yes’ performance is another show in and of itself that featured a screen that displayed a multitude of colors and design. The entire lower level crowd would stay standing for the entire performance as well as most of the balcony. According to, the average ticket price for this tour is around $45. I would highly recommend this tour to any classic rock fan. Two amazing bands and almost four hours of live music for $45 is a steal! We hope you will take the time to check out our photo gallery slideshows from Yes and TOTO!

This tour is still early in its running and many dates are remaining. Tour Dates remaining are as follows

8/18 – Des Moines, Iowa
8/19 – Saint Charles, Mo.
8/21 – Biloxi, Miss.
8/22 – Alpharetta, Ga.
8/23 – Clearwater, Fla.
8/25 – Houston, Texas
8/26 – San Antonio, Texas
8/27 – Grand Prairie, Texas
8/30 – Littleton, Colo.
8/31 – Salt Lake City, Utah
9/02 – Tucson, Ariz.
9/04 – Scottsdale, Ariz.
9/05 – Pala, Calif.
9/06 – Los Angeles, Calif.
9/08 – Saratoga, Calif.
9/10 – Shelton, Wash.
9/11 – Airway Heights, Wash.
9/12 – Coquitlam, B.C.

TOTO Photo Gallery Slideshow:

(Photos by: Jason Evans Photography)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TOTO Setlist:

  1. Running Out Of Time
  2. I’ll Supply The Love
  3. Hydra
  4. Never Enough
  5. Hold The Line
  6. Georgy Porgy
  7. Pamela
  8. Keyboard Solo featuring David Paich
  9. Great Expectations
  10. Without Your Love
  11. Little Wing (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Cover)
  12. On The Run/Goodbye Elenore
  13. Orphan
  14. Rosanna
  15. Africa

YES Photo Gallery Slideshow:

(Photos by: Jason Evans Photography)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes Setlist:

Onward/Intro-Firebird Suite (Tribute to Chris Squire)

  1. Don’t Kill The Whale
  2. Tempus Fugit
  3. America (Simon and Garfunkel Cover)
  4. Going For The One
  5. Time and a Word
  6. Clap (with Astral Traveller teaser Intro)
  7. I’ve Seen All Good People
  8. Siberian Khatru
  9.  Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  10. Roundabout
  11.  Starship Trooper

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