CAIN Blows Fans Away with Amazing Show – Exclusive Photos & Review

Logan Cain

Cain, K-Love’s “Breakout Artist of the Year” and Award winning trio, made a tour stop in the great state of Kentucky. The Kentucky State Fair announced Cain would be performing and fans all across social media started buzzing in excitement for this show. Cain has been on the rise on Christian radio with their debut single “Rise Up” taking their career to new heights.

Taylor Cain Matz

Cain was met with insanely loud cheers from the massive crowd as they ran out on stage. They began putting their guitars on and greeting fans with a spirited energy. Kicking off their set with “Come Forth”, they wowed their fans with a high-energy stage presence, and an incredible array of musical skills, hit after hit!

At a point half way through the show, things slowed down for a moment as Logan started telling the hard fought journey the siblings had underwent to resurface as a Christian band loving what they do, and finding joy in the passion of what God lead them to do. They hung up the reins on the pursuit of a Country Music career in 2015. Cain made a transition that would seem, to some, instant, as a new band sensation. They are now using their faith, and their love for God to write amazing songs, and worship him in the process. During this segment, they performed some classic Folsom Prison Blues by the late, and great, Johnny Cash, which gave the fans a fun time to stomp their feet and clap their hands.

Fans stood the entire show craving more and more, until the very end! Cain wrapped up their performance with the tune that put them on the map, “Rise Up”. Within moments of the introduction to the song, fans erupted as if the band had just come onto stage. Fans sang along, and hands filled the air. My personal favorite song of the night was, “The Commission”. This song is by far a classic of Christian/worship music in the making. A true story of life, of Jesus, and Jesus’s undying love for each and everyone of us.

Madison Cain Johnson


Photos and review by: Ryan K, Pike of Music Matters Magazine

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