Pop Evil with Brkn Love and Zero 9:36 at Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach, Virginia August 27, 2021

By Glenn Woodell

Pop Evil had just started their post-Covid tour when the virus stopped them in their tracks. Lead singer, Leigh Kakaty turned up positive for the virus and although it kicked his butt and brought the tour to a temporary halt, he came out on the back side with a message of love for everyone. The show at Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach was the first for the band after the setback and the near capacity venue show. It may be fitting that Breathe Again made it to the set list, although without Matt DiRito, the bassist they’d had since 2007. He decided to leave the band just prior to the tour and was replaced, at least temporarily, by Joey “Chicago” Walser of Devour the Day.

Openers for Pop Evil included the upbeat rockers from Canada, Brkn Love and Pennsylvanian rocky hip-hopper, Zero 9:36.

Pop Evil: https://popevil.com/
Zero 9:36: https://www.zero936.com/
Brkn Love: https://www.brknlove.com/

Brkn Love

Zero 9:36

Pop Evil

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