Concert Photos/Review: Saving Abel rocks the stage at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington, KY with 21st Century Goliaths

11224404_1596309127297802_539810158677050436_oSaving Abel rocked the stage at Cosmic Charlie’s Tuesday night in Lexington Kentucky! 21st Century Goliath kicked off the night. This band is full of energy and knows how to bring the crowd to life regardless if their opening the show or headlining the night. This bands hits; “Cold hearted woman” “Love me again” and “Back with a vengeance” is increasing the band’s popularity with every show. Check out 21st Century Goliath at for tour dates and more info!
 Saving Abel; the Southern rock band with chart topping songs like “addicted” “18 days” and “Beautiful Day” showed how they can bring the crowd to their feet and keep them going all night! When you think of rock, Saving Abel is a house hold name with a killer beat. This band knows no limits when it comes to giving the fans the best show they’ll ever experience!

Saving Abel is led by lead singer Scotty Austin on vocals, Jason Null and Scott Bartlett on guitar, Eric Taylor on bass, and Steven Pulley on drums. Saving Abel is on the verge of releasing a new single from their latest album “Blood Stained Revolver” titled “15 minutes of fame”. The latest single and other great songs such as “Drowning Face Down” and “The New Fight” makes their latest album a must for all rock fanatics. 
I was able to catch up with lead singer Scotty Austin after the show. He went into detail about his love and passion for music. “It’s about the soul and how music speaks to it. Music is about making the soul feel good.” Scotty later noted “It’s all about the fans, if they’re smiling and having a great time because that’s what it’s all about and why we do what we do.” These guys have been touring for over ten years and they bring all they have to the table each night. This is what makes Saving Abel more than just a southern rock band, this band is writing history. 

Be sure to check out their tour dates at to experience the rock show of a lifetime! Pick up a copy of their latest album Blood Stained Revolver available on their website.
Written by: Ryan Pike
Saving Abel Photos from Cosmic Charlies (by: Ryan Keith Photography)

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21st Century Goliath Photo slideshow (By:Ryan Keith Photography)

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