Introducing Erica Nicole and her latest single “I’m Making Mine”

en_hiresErica Nicole is an up and coming country music singer who is setting records by becoming the first female indie-country artist to release 3 consecutive top 20 singles on the music row Country Breakout Chart. Erica’s most recent single ‘I’m Making Mine’ is the latest of her singles to break into the top 20 following up her previous singles ‘I Listen To My Bad Girl’ and ‘I’m Comin’ Down’. In previous releases Erica showcased her Soulful Rocking Country side with a sense of control and power in her vocal range. Erica slows it down a bit with ‘I’m Making Mine’ while continuing to display that same power in her voice that captivates the listener’s attention as she tells a story about a cheating husband/boyfriend making the choice for another woman as she packs her bags and drives away hoping for that true love knowing that in the mean time, she’s gonna be just fine. Erica showcases a higher vocal range in this release with a flawless delivery as she proves that she has what it takes to sing a variety of song styles and put them on the charts. For more information on Erica Nicole please take time to visit


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