Alex Miller’s “Through with You” Official Music Video Premiered TODAY

Since debuting in American Idol Alex Miller has stayed in the lime light with much success in a short amount of time. He’s performed at the Ryman, opened for Hank Jr. Josh Turner and many more. Alex has been since since he was three, playing guitar since he was six. Today, Alex just released his sophomore Music Video for his latest smash hit “Through with You”; which premiered on Wide Open Country today.

Alex Miller’s “Through with You” Music Video

“Through With You” was Written by Alex Miller and producer Jerry Salley and is quite possibly the pinnacle, original, song of Alex’s career so far. 

“Through with You” is the story of a broken heart that struggles to find a way to mend itself; dealing with a major loss, all while fighting the memories and empty feelings to come through stronger on the other side.

“This song is definitely a very different style for me, but at the same time it’s very true to me as it comes from a real personal experience. I hope they’ll be proud of me.” says Alex in talking about the new single.

Alex performing in Nashville

The music video paints the vivid picture of a relationship struggling due to abuse, something that hits close to home with Alex, and resonates with many listeners alike. Alex stepped out if his comfort zone with this song, away from his traditional style; and delivering a song that weighs heavy on the heart.

The video features Maria Montgomery (Kentucky Basketball TV & Radio host, Ford Super Model) and Tod Lanter acting out a relationship’s end. Shot in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

“When Steve and I put our heads together for the video concept we knew we wanted to take the opportunity to show that alcohol abuse hurts not just the abuser, but all those around them as well. Abuse breaks everything – hearts, minds and bodies,” explains Miller.

Alex is still young, though he’s been perfecting his craft of singing and songwriting for many years. If Alex can write and perform this song at this stage in his career, we have country music emerging legend rising up to answer George Jone’s old question of ”Who’s Going To Fill Their Shoes”.

“Through with You” is a featured single that will be on Alex’s upcoming debut album, due out this spring.

2 thoughts on “Alex Miller’s “Through with You” Official Music Video Premiered TODAY

  1. Beautiful song. I think that Alex will be a major star in country music. I love his music and his style. Stick to your heart and you will go far


  2. Nashville Rainier song don’t fall into their trap your original Old Time songs are much better too keep saying the old songs and sing yours the way you wrote them don’t let those guys to mess you up stay away from drugs and alcohol don’t do too many shows and wears you out


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