Citizen Solder’s “Scarecrow” Album Review

Citizen Soldier may have just dropped the most jaw dropping, emotionally engaging album of all time. “Scarecrow” is a 18 track album with over 57 minutes of souls searching, raw, honest lyrics. Mental health is a topic that is shaking the world to it’s core but is still a topic that seems to be silenced till now! We dived into the album and giving you our thoughts on this gripping album from start to finish.

Straight out the gate you have a heavy hitting catchy Monsters Made of Memories that gives a proud introduction of what this album is about. Exposing the monsters we’ve created in our heads with memories of events, people that we allow to cage ourselves and leach mentality building fear. Transitioning into Feverwhich depicts a relationship battle that is toxic to the point of biting out.

Anyone But Me HOLY COW!!!! Nothing I write can really touch the level of this track and how it impacts the heart and soul. “Mirror mirror on the wall I see you and my skin crawls”. Lyrically this song is on a whole different level of ground breaking rock music. This song is in my gym playlist because of its heavy hitting, in your face feel and at least in my take it motivates me in a sense to being better than the version of my current self. Mentally and physically. This song is the holy grail of rock songs that a band strives to produce in an entire career. The entire album is incredible but this song is hands down my favorite. Not just of this album but overall, in current rock, this is THE SONG I have playing 24/7.

“This is Not a Phase” opens up the topic of loneliness and feeling mentally that you’re the only one who understands and recluses from the world. A impactful message brings us to Runaway (From Myself) which dives deeper with self blame and wishing to run away from oneself but can’t because your your own prison.

Life isn’t always sun shine and rainbows and “Golden Weather” puts that into perspective with the fact nothing last forever and sometimes the struggle is to much to cope with. “These days giving up is looking more like paradise”. Suicide is a serious topic and one that no one encourages, “Let Me Let Go” is a light and soft flowing tune about the unfortunate reality of the struggles of the thoughts of someone contemplating suicide. “You’ll never know my pain”. As this album continues I am floored by the lyrical masterpiece that is encapsulated within this album.

Now the television wants to know if I’m still watching, it’s the only friend that ever checks on me these days.Easy’s Never Been This Hard” shows the vivid world of how easy loneliness can open the door to suicidal thoughts. “Words That Don’t Exist” and “Deathbed” go hand in hand with the feelings and thoughts that one holds, sometimes there isn’t words that can put thoughts to reality and it feels like you’re on your deathbed and grasping at straws.

“Still Frame” is a an eye opener lyrical journey that sends the listener through a emotional rollercoaster. Leading into “I Hate Myself” the quote intro leads into a perfectly orchestrated clashing of drums paired with timed guitar riffs that gives this tune a great rock sound, then throw in Jake’s vocals that carry the emotion of the lyrics through the highs and lows. “Suicide Note” is a heavy hitting, action packed from start to finish! “Madhouse” follows with a smooth introduction of the “church of mental breakdowns” with wity lyrical hooks and instrumentals makes it an easy tune to put on rotation.

Possibly the most beautifully written song on the entire album comes “Limit”. Speaking for myself, speaking for millions who have felt they’ve been at their limit. No matter the situation or cause, this song resonates to the heart of every listener. Lo Spirit is featured on this track. “Tattoos”, another thought provoking journey giving spotlight to survival is key. “I wear my scars just like tattoos cause I’m a miracle every cut is proof”. Cutting in youth and teenagers is a serious issue world wide and Jake and company give inspiration to anyone past or present who’s struggled, there is a light at the end. That you have a purpose.

“Save Your Story” straying strong even through the darkest of nights because you can make it till the morning. Building the listener up with motivation to fight, to fight through whatever their struggle may be. “All your pain is a hero forming” those lyrics are raw, emotionally empowering and inspiring. Wrapping the album into its end comes the last single before the album was released, “Scarecrow”. A descriptive story of wearing a mask and burying your feelings inside so the world will never see your true self.

Track listing:

Monsters Made of Memories


Anyone But Me

This Is Not A Phase

Runaway (From Myself)

Golden Weather

Let Me Let Go

Easy’s Never Been This Hard

Words That Don’t Exist


Still Frame

I Hate Myself

Suicide Note




Save Your Story


Citizen Soldier is made up by Jake Segura (vocals), Matt Duffney (lead guitar), Kooper Hanosky (rhythm guitar), Wonitta Rivero (bass), and Kyle Persell (drums)

This album delivers everything a rock music lover could ask for. It entertains for all audiences young and old, man and woman. It’s a raw, emotionally satisfying experience that is not only a pleasure to hear but also a reminder of how much weight we carry and burdens we shoulder. Citizen Soldier has created an album that will truly a positive influence in many lives. Using their platform and creative writing to create a therapeutic experience that eases some listeners stress but will also talk some listeners off the ledge and give them courage to open up to someone.

I cannot sing high enough praises about this album “Scarecrow”, it literally speaks for itself. I encourage anyone who hasn’t given it a listen yet, it is on all music platforms. There are no filler tracks, It’s a story from beginning to end with this album and the story is the listeners life exposed. Citizen Soldier is a band to keep your eye on in the coming months with the success of this album has the potential to sore them to new horizons.

About Citizen Soldier:

Citizen Soldier was born in 2016 when frontman Jake Segura penned the lyrics to “Let It Burn” from a psychiatric hospital. Now practicing as a clinical therapist, he implements intensely emotional lyrical themes on mental health into their music. The band presents an accessible message that combats stigmatization and provides a group therapy dynamic.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Segura is joined by guitarists Matt Duffney and Kooper Hanosky, bassist/keyboardist Wonitta, and drummer Kyle Persell.

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