Jason Michael Carroll to Release NEW Heartfelt Single ”Tell Me Your Name”

Country music singer-songwriter Jason Micheal Carroll is days away from the release of his song “Tell Me Your Name” (Diane’s Song). Jason, who has notched in his belt with hits like ”I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”, ”Alyssa Lies”, “Meet Me in The Barn” and many more; now returns to the spotlight to bring awareness and compassion to those families struggling with some form of Alzheimer’s.

Jason has shared on his social media’s the struggles that his wife’s mother is battling and seeing her being tore apart, hearth-breaking for everyone, especially his wife Wendy. The effects it has on the person, the family around them, it’s absolutely devastating. Jason co-wrote this incredible song with fellow friend and musician Johnny Orr.

“Tell me Your Name” displays the struggle’s of losing a loved one battling a unforgiving disease like Alzheimer’s have on the the person and the family. A personal battle that the Carroll family has endured, Jason put to song.

“There’s days she can’t recall

from the life that she lived.

With some memories shes better off

‘cause she don’t have to forget.”

Jason’s sorrowful sound brings the lyrics to life, a visual of Diane flipping through her photo album sharing old images of a life she once lived. Jason’s heart and soul is poured out in this hard hitting ballad. mixed with emotions of sadness, hopelessness and tears of melancholy and a devoted love gives a smile amongst watery eyes.

As an independent artist, Jason has worked tirelessly to get this single out so Diane’s story can be heard, shared and felt by others that are fighting that same hopeless feeling. Call your local radio stations and make a request for this song.

2 thoughts on “Jason Michael Carroll to Release NEW Heartfelt Single ”Tell Me Your Name”

  1. OMG! Tears, Jason, You and Johnny absolutely nail it! Thank you for sharing this song. You and your family are not alone, There are people all over the world that is going through the same situation. Praying God be with Diane. You and your friend❤


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