Alex Miller Celebrates “Through with You” Single Release Event in Nashville

Alex Miller recently released his new monumental single “Through with You.” Last Wednesday night Alex hosted a single release event in Nashville at Alan Jackson’s AJ’s Good Time Bar to celebrate the new single release. 

Alex, a Kentucky native, grew up surrounded by country and bluegrass music, and with his natural talent, it took to and made dreams become a reality. Music has always had a stronghold in Alex’s life, singing since he was three, picking up his first guitar when he was six, you could say it’s in his blood to be doing what he’s doing. 

The event kicked off spotlighting the Official Music Video for ’Through with You’ which just premiered today. A music video that plays out the heartbreaking story Alex has painfully described in the lyrics of this heart-wrenching, sorrowful song.

Alex performing during his showcase 2/9/22

“Though with You” was written by Alex Miller and producer Jerry Salley “Through with You” is a an pinnacle song of Alex’s career so far. “Through with You” is the story of a broken heart that struggles to find a way to mend itself, dealing with a significant loss, all while fighting the memories and empty feelings to come through stronger on the other side. 

Official Music Video for ”Through with You”

Alex performed some original works along with some covers of some legendary greats like “Mind Your Own Business”, Breakin’ The Bank”, “Folsom Prison” and a foot stompin’ tribute to Alan Jackson with “Don’t Rock the Jukebox”. Some of Alex’s original songs like “I’m Over You So Get Over Me”, Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya”, and of course the featured single of the night, “Through with You” were performed in excellence. We can expect to see all the original songs on Alex’s debut album, which is due out this spring. 

Alex’s manager- David Snowden, Public Relations- Martha Moore, Record Label- Billy Jam Records, Booker Evan Tomlinson and Producer- Jerry Salley were all in attendance to witness Alex’s success as he continues this musical journey.

Also attending was Chapel Hart, a trio of ladies who pack a country, rock and roll vibe, unmatched in talent and sound. Chapel Hart showed their appreciation and love for Alex’s abilities singing along and applauding and whistling as each song concluded. A great display of support between two great acts, which makes Nashville a wonderful place for musicians and artist alike to come together.

Alex Miller & Chapel Hart

We’re excited to see what this new single brings for Alex Miller’s future. “Through with You” is an incredible display of Alex’s songwriting abilities. If there’s one thing I can say about Alex, that would be that in my interactions with him, even through the success and the spotlights, he’s a humble person who is just excited to perform and make music people want to hear. It shows a lot about his character and his roots.

Photos by Ryan Pike of Music Matters Magazine

5 thoughts on “Alex Miller Celebrates “Through with You” Single Release Event in Nashville

  1. Wonderful new song very nice job 👍❤️ This is a very talented young man with a large bright future ahead of him . He just gets better and better . With all his talent and ambition it can’t go any other way 👍


  2. I love Alex Miller and his good ole country music sound! I can’t get enough of his singing ! Such a talented musician, singer and songwriter!


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