Concert Review/Photos: The Scorpions rock 3000+ fans at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion with special guests Queensryche

The Scorpions have been rocking stages all over the world and entertaining fans for 50 years and are still bringing the fans to their feet in venues around the world. On Tuesday night September 22, the Scorpions would rock Columbus, Ohio’s LC Pavilion Outdoor amphitheater. The LC was filled with more than 3,000 fans who came out ready to rock. Kicking off the night was the amazing Queensryche, made up of Todd LaTorre on lead vocals, Michael Wilton on guitar, Eddie Jackson on bass, Scott Rockenfield on drums and Parker Lundgren on guitar. Todd LaTorre’s vocals were so amazing that nobody in the audience was missing Geoff Tate. The vocal control that LaTorre possesses as he hits the higher ranges with ease is unbelievable. The band was full of energy and worked the crowd as they all took turns walking the runway to get closer with the crowd.  The Scorpions could not have asked for a better band to share the stage with them on this tour.

Queensryche Setlist:


The Needle Lies

Walk in the Shadows

Jet City Woman

Silent Lucidity

 Arrow of Time
Eyes of a Stranger
 Queen of the Reich


QUEENSRŸCHE Photo Gallery Courtesy of Jason Evans Photography at

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After Queensryche had finished rocking the stage, many fans took advantage of the change over on stage to retrieve a fresh beer while others were busy packing themselves in closer to the stage to get an up close experience with the Scorpions.  Although the Scorpions had some of their greatest hits in the 80’s, they are not just an 80’s hair band. The Scorpions are much more experienced than that and have been rocking fans since the 60’s! Time has yet to take it’s toll on this band as they put on one of the most energetic rock shows that I have ever seen in my life. This band never slowed down once during the set and captivated the audience even during an acoustic medley. The entire band setup and performed an intimate set of hits for the crowd on the walkway after an amazing instrumental performance of Delicate Dance. This change of pace showed the bands versatility in connecting with the crowd as they were able to go from rocking the pavilion with amazing energy to being able to give the audience that intimate feel of playing in your living room while reaching out and connecting with every single person in attendance.

You owe it to yourself to check out this show when it comes to a city near you as ticket prices were very reasonable ranging from $39.50-$42.50 all General Admission.The Current band lineup includes Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, James Kottak, and Paweł Mąciwoda. The stage was elaborately setup with an upper platform for Kottak’s drum kit and a video screen behind him. Occasionally, Schenker and Maciwoda would join Kottak up top, while Klaus gave out many drumsticks to the fans in the crowd and rocked it out on the cowbell and tambourine. The entire band used the walkway efficiently as they all took turns connecting with the crowd on a more personal level as they would walk to the end and rock out with their instruments and Meine would stretch the microphone out to the crowd for the crowd to sing along with the band. The Current band lineup includes Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, James Kottak, and Paweł Mąciwoda. The Scorpions most recent release is an album titled “Return To Forever” and can be purchased at The Scorpions Store.

The Scorpions Setlist:

Going Out with a Bang
 Make It Real
 The Zoo
 Coast to Coast
 Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy’s Coming / Catch Your Train (70’s medley)
We Built This House
 Delicate Dance (Instrumental)
Always Somewhere / Eye of the Storm / Send Me an Angel (acoustic medley)
Wind of Change
 Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
 In the Line of Fire (Instrumental)
Kottak Attack (drum solo)
 No One Like You
 Big City Nights


Still Loving You

Rock You Like a Hurricane


Scorpions Photo Gallery Courtesy of Jason Evans Photography at

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Upcoming Tour Dates:

9/26 – Chicago, IL
9/29 – Denver, CO
10/1 – San Jose, CA
10/3 – Los Angeles, CA
10/6 – Santa Barbara, CA
10/7 – Las Vegas, NV
10/9 – Seattle, WA


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