Music Matters Magazine would like to introduce you to our newest writer Amanda Knight!

11043131_10101310545962603_885939201944773823_nAmanda is an amazing writer and a wealth of musical knowledge. She has already put her touch on our online magazine with an incredible and thought provoking article on the history of 70’s versus 80’s rock music titled “The End of an Era?” Feel free to check it out here We are proud to welcome Amanda to our team and are looking forward to her contributions.

Amanda Knight – Writer/Interviewer/Contributor

Amanda’s Bio:

Greetings fellow music lovers! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Amanda, you’re neighborhood old soul. I am an avid music fan, devoted to classic rock. However, I can also be found spending time with dance/techno, funk/soul and pop radio. While I’m not a big fan of country or bluegrass; I won’t tell you to hang up your cowboy hat. I remain open to hearing new artists and exploring the ones we already know. Apart from my undying passion for music, my other great romance is cooking. And no, I don’t mean opening a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese though it is my guilty pleasure. I live and work in Wheelersburg, Ohio and have two spoiled, needy Persian cats. With love to fans everywhere, rock on. Please feel free to follow me on twitter: @amandajill82

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