Dirty Heads Deliver the Sounds of Summer!

Dirty Heads
Concert Review
With Song River
All Photos by Song River: CowGirlZen Photography

Dirty Heads has made their rounds. A favorite indie/reggae/hip-hop alt band that embodies the summer sounds of a lazy Southern California afternoon hanging out with your best mates, drinking a tall cool one ask you soak up the warm summer sun laid out bliss on a music fest. Really when you think summer the name Dirty Heads almost seems synonymous with everything summer brings. Happy, contented, comfortable-joy. Unknown

Having played as co-headliners, headliners and in rotation on the tour market heavily it would seem as the Dirty Heads have progressed and now releasing their fifth album, self-entitled, the sounds of the Dirty Heads has come round to being a sweet, ripe copious pick of really great sound. Unknown

Recently Dirty Heads were out on tour with Sublime with Rome, and at a stop over in Phoenix, Arizona on July 31st they rendered utter bliss. With ease the Dirty Heads took the audience by in large because of what they have developed- a rich mature sound that raises your spirits high. You want to dance, you want to listen, you want to sing along… Dirty Heads makes you feel thoroughly satisfied… their groove is sublimely in motion and you wanted more. This performance could have been held just by the Dirty Heads and according to many in the audience this concurrence came round that many were in attendance specifically for them. As the fans were lining up outside the venue you can hear the excited chatter to see them, plus the Dirty Heads T-shirts were numerous. Unknown-5

Pulling from all five of their albums, Dirty Heads opened with “Burn Slow” off their Sound of Change album. The tracks from this album they played included: “My Sweet Summer,” (the audience was on their feet and elated as Dirty Heads delivered this tune with all their soul), also, “Franco Eyed,” “Medusa,” and “Silence.” After “My Sweet Summer” the room was carried further as the Dirty Heads imparted the next tune off of their album Cabin by the Sea, “Dance All Night.”

The righteousness of rock was what the Dirty Heads released all through their set. The anticipation their fans exuded was satiated. Covering songs also from their album, Home: Phantoms of Summer- The Acoustic Sessions, this was the best presentation of who these cats have become. The reggae/hip hop/alt rock sounds of band mates Dustin Bushnell (Vocals/Guitar) Jared Watson (Vocals) Jon Olazabal (Percussion) Matt Ochoa (Drums) David Foral (Bass) have arrived and their album released in 2016, Dirty Heads, breathed in five tunes on this tour: “Moon Tower,” “Oxygen,” “Red Lights,” “That’s All I Need,” “Too Cruel” their whole set was a gift to all their fans.


It was a full house, packed to the brim and the Dirty Heads, as only they can, brought it all around. Bushnell and Watson are the illustrated match to follow for their supreme complimentary and vocal exchanges. Catch them out on tour as they now are headlining well into the autumn and winter months ahead in 2016. They kick ass and their sound has hit the mark of holy reggae/hip-hop grid.





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