As Lions Debuts Album Aftermath

Album Review:
As Lions- “Aftermath”
By: Jane Porter

It is rare to hear an EP contain such a diversified range of emotions in the hard rock world. Yet, here As Lions has done with finesse on their forthcoming album, release date–October 14th via Better Noise Records called, Aftermath. This EP strikes each chord with power and a varied palate of sounds seldom mastered. These four dynamic tracks steal the thunderous set of scorching rock and a breath of rock n roll purity.

These five UK musicians—Austin Dickinson (vocals/guitar), Conor O’Keefe (keyboard), Will Homer (guitar), Stefan Whiting (bass), and Dave Fe (drums) are an astounding collaboration of hooks, riffs, and a golden array of prized lyrics all interlaced with complex contrasts, thick mixes, and hefty catching rhythms. The tracks on this EP, Aftermath, are an impressively loaded combination developed in a broad range. Containing Dickinson’s towering vocals and self-examining lyrics, each number holds its very own unabated personal release. The irrefutably indefinite quantity of strings, along with the impressive piano in its reverent position and a hefty dose of atmospheric electronics has set As Lions to be poised and ready to raise their glasses to a hard rock whiskey shot.

As this recording session permeates a vibe with an upbeat hard rock sound, alas what you really find in the lyrical content leads you the listener to understand and comprehend how Dickinson is relating to societal issues and problematic matters. Aftermath is a seriously driven work of hard rock art. Yet, the sheer enjoyment in its creative elements can be felt and measured by As Lions. It portrays the inner sanctum of their own pleasures found only in what they have created. Opening track for the EP, “Aftermath” explores the anthemic truism of crashing drums and enveloped guitar work as it explores those navigating through murky waters to break through any given situation. It is the premiere opener and a succinctly loud work that sets the whole tone.

“White Flags” opens up hauntingly as a modern style hard rock n roll of raising one’s voice to take on the challenges found in this world. It pulls the listener along to have faith and believe in their self, to know we can and must choose whether we win or lose. This track fills the room with superb energy. Bleeding itself over to useless recognition, the next track, “Deathless” touches upon today’s internet competition. As we have witnessed how important ‘likes’ can mean to us on our social media and we pierce our own souls to feel whether we are worthy or unworthy on a bias placed along the 0’s and 1’s highway. This tune certainly places itself into the summation of mattering what others think for our own validation even unto death. Bringing the multiple levels of what As Lions has accomplished comes “World On Fire” the final track. Dickinson’s vocals are the soaring front to this hard rock melody.

The truth in light can be seen and heard for As Lions has perfected a hard rock package from the front, middle and end. They are on fire.

AFTERMATH track listing:

White Flags
World On Fire

White Flags

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