Shane Owens is bringing back country music with “Where I’m Comin’ From”

soShane Owens is a traditional country artist who has hit a few road blocks throughout his career and refused to give up. Owens recorded his first album in 2005 producing a hit single in Texas and never really made it any further than that. Then in 2009 Owens was ready to release a follow up album produced by James Stroud when the recording company went under. Fortunately Owens kept working hard and continued to make music while staying true to himself and the traditional country sound. Randy Travis is quoted to say this about Shane and his music:

“Shane Owens brings it all…vocal, writing, performance, and passion.  He has paid his dues, remained committed to traditional country and brings you a song with heart and a story.  Songs that will get you through the tough times and enjoy the happy times; and, lyrics that will remind you of the threads in life that make you the fabric you are today. He will bless you with his talent and his kindness.  To Shane, I gladly pass the baton…”   Randy Travis

“Where I’m Comin’ From” was produced by famed producer James Stroud and executive producer Randy Travis for Amerimonte Records. The album will be released Friday Dec. 9th and is currently available for preorder at “Where I’m Comin’ From” screams unabashedly true-to-the-core COUNTRY. The song titles alone are enough to convince me to buy this album. For the ladies, the album cover features a close up shot of Owens in a denim shirt sporting a cowboy hat and looking like he came straight from a Brawny man commercial shoot.

Shane touches base on everything that country music should be with this new album. It has the beautiful sound of the steel guitar prominently showcased with Owens’ twang in “Alcohol of Fame”, reminiscent of something that could have been a hit for the iconic George Jones. Also included on the album is Shane’s version of “Chicken Truck”, a John Anderson classic that features the country legend himself. Shane takes a bit of a jab at Nashville and the current state of country music in “Nashville, You Ain’t Hollywood” as his attempt to remind Nashville of it’s country town roots. Owens paints a scene of romance with “A Country Boy Can”, sings about “All the Beer in Alabama” and recounts the memories of a lonely man in “God and the Ground She Walked on”. Shane takes a stand in support of our American Heroes as he sings about a young man who was a scholar athlete and contributing member of his community who decided to join the Marines at “19”. “19” is one of those songs that will send goosebumps up your arm as a reminder of those who lay their lives on the line for our freedom.

“Where I’m Comin’ From” is an album that will be appreciated by fans of traditional country music. No two songs on this album sound the same. This can be attributed to Shane’s powerful vocal range, meaningful lyrics that paint a picture and a story, and the artistry of the talented musicians backing Shane’s vocals. I highly recommend this album as it is a refreshing change of pace from what has been playing on mainstream country radio lately.


Track Listing:

Where I’m Comin’ From
All The Beer in Alabama
Country Boy Can
Blame it on a Woman
Alcohol of Fame
Country Never Goes out of Style
God and the Ground She Walked on
Chicken Truck (featuring John Anderson
Nashville You Ain’t Hollywood
Where I’m Comin’ From (extended)

Watch Shane Owens’ EPK

Take a peak at this acoustic video of Shane Owens’ “Alcohol of Fame”

Acoustic Video of Shane Owens’ “God and the Ground She Walked On

For more information on Shane Owens please feel free to visit his Official Website or connect with him on Social Media




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