Cam Brings Front Porch Intimacy to the Bluestone on “Burning House” Tour

20161201-403Cam has taken the country music scene by storm with her infectious smile, genuine sincerity and her blonde hair all done up in curls. “Burning House” is one of those hit songs that an artist could search an entire lifetime to find. This song took Cam to the top of the charts and is now the title of her first headlining tour. I personally didn’t know what to expect from a Cam show when I entered the Bluestone on Thursday night. The only song that I was familiar with was “Burning House”. Believe me when I say, Cam will not be a “One hit wonder”.

The show kicked off with a short but captivating acoustic 20161201-174performance from country music singer songwriter Adam Sanders. Adam played a solid set of originals including “Nothing to do but Drink” and his latest single, “I’ve Been Meaning to Call”.  The country newcomer closed his set with “You Ain’t Worth the Whiskey”; a song co-written and recorded by country superstar Cole Swindell. Adam and his guitar did a great job warming up the Bluestone crowd for Cam’s headlining performance.

20161201-238After a short break, the stage was setup with windows, wildlife and a starlit background giving fans a feeling of front porch intimacy and solitude. Cam and her band took the stage playing an upbeat number titled “My Mistake”. Cam’s setlist was packed with originals as well as a cover of Patsy Cline’s “Sweet Dreams”. Cam told the crowd about how much she appreciates the sound of traditional country music. Cam performed with a genuine enjoyment and an infectious smile the entire night. Cam would make eye contact with the crowd and acknowledge their presence with that million dollar smile or a friendly wave everytime she would pull away from the mic. Cam reached out and lifted the spirits of everybody in the crowd with her music.

Other songs performed that evening included many from her debut album “Untamed” as well as others that were performed at the Bluebird in Nashville including “Old Men, Young Women” and “No One Gets to Heaven if Anyone Else is Left Behind”. Cam also performed a fun and sassy song about a pep talk to herself titled “Go Get em’ Cam. I have a hard time believing that Cam would need a pep talk with her outgoing personality and charm. The highlight of the evening was Cam’s closing performance in which she invited a young girl onstage to sing her biggest hit to date “Burning House”. The young girl, Cecelia knocked it out of the park as if she has been rehearsing the song her entire life. Cam’s expression and sheer enjoyment was prominent as she would dance and watch in awe of Cecelia’s spotlight moment.

Watch the video below of Cam and Cecelia at The Bluestone in Columbus, OH

Video is from Cam’s official facebook/Instagram page

Adam Sanders live at The Bluestone in support of Cam’s Burning House tour. Photos provided by JEvansPhotos

Check out our complete Cam Photo Gallery below! Photos provided by JEvansPhotos

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Adam Sanders

The Bluestone

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