Album Review: No Advisory’s Everyone is Stupid

No Advisory – Everyone is Stupid Album Review

No Advisory, the band that has been rocking from Los Angeles, are delivering their angsty, punk rock style in their latest album, Everyone is Stupid. True to form, the album boasts plenty of fantastic angry screams laid over bombastic drums accompanied with driving guitars. The guys don’t hold back as every track on the album is packed with high-energy fervor and their obvious dedication to the punk genre. Everyone Is Stupid’s opening track, “Cotard Delusion” sets the tone for the album. From the bands’ use of off-beats, syncopation, and constant power chords to their well-conceived lyricism, Everyone is Stupid has high re-playability and there are no doubts that No Advisory could destroy the stage if the album were to be performed live. The album’s title track “Everyone is Stupid” reigns as a typical punk anthem that instantly drawers the listener in with its head-banging qualities. The album’s final track “Good Enough” makes for a dramatic closing with its non-stop beat and easy-to-listen-to chord progression.

As with many punk albums, the style remains consistent and it is predictable from track to track. The guys of No Advisory continue their emo-laden rants with “War Games” and “Riot”, which are commentaries on the state of the world. The beauty of punk is the artists’ ability to convey a message to the listener, typically in the most pissed off of fashions. No Advisory does exactly this and they do it with artistry.

The bands lineup of David Dross, Hunter Haggy, Jake Reinig, and Tom Wood can be heard providing their talents equally to the record. They do a superb job of including all members and showcasing their skills, especially the hardcore, skin-smacking action raging from the drums. Overall, Everyone is Stupid was an enjoyable listen and a prime example of punk before punk became mainstream. No Advisory strips it down and takes punk back to its origins. One can’t help but feel compelled to head-bang and get on his or her feet amongst the fury Everyone is Stupid contains. For those of you in the Los Angeles area, don’t miss No Advisory as they take their album on the road.

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Listen to Everyone is Stupid on No Advisory’s Bandcamp Page

Writer: Amanda Knight


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