Alan Jackson to be inducted into The Country Music Hall Of Fame

1The “Good Times” keep getting better for Alan Jackson, announced yesterday that Alan will be inducted into a class of remarkable legends- The Country Music Hall Of Fame. Alan will be joining 130 other exceptional artist past and present adding another amazing accomplishment to his record. with 35 #1 hits, 18 ACM awards, 16 CMA awards, as well as two Grammys. Alan is decorated in achievements in his 25 plus career to say he is deserving is a understatement.

“It’s an honor,” a humble Jackson said after his name was revealed. ” For me to say that I’m honored sounds like the standard old response, but for a man who loves country music there is no higher honor. This is the mountain top”

“You look at that list- from Hank Williams on down to today- all the great people and hero’s of yours…and you don’t feel like you fit in that much. At least I didn’t,” Jackson later noted. “It was hard to say, “I’m going to be in there one day.’ I couldn’t do that”

In selecting Jackson for membership alongside the greatest names in the genre, the Country Music Association noted:

“With dozens of chart-topping singles, tens of millions of albums sold, and an un paralleled reputation as a singer and songwriter, he ranks with The Beatles, Elvis Presley and a very small handful of other transcendent artists who stand out like signposts in pop music history. He has blended the old and new in a musical style that is urban and rural, rugged and raw…he took the sounds of Country Music in his youth, and blended them with modern production in a way that made him an immediate star.”

“He straddled the lines between pop sensibilities and hardline affection for classic Country,” Gill told those gathered in the Country Music Hall of Fame Rotunda before adding, “Nobody has stuck up for Country Music more than this gentleman. Ever.”

Alan Jackson will formally become a member of CMHOF at the museum’s annual Medallion Ceremony on October 22nd, 2017.

Alan Jackson is still fresh into his Honky Tonk Highway Tour still has many more “Good Times” to make. you can find more information about his induction into The Hall OF Fame and tour by visiting

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