Upright Man Debuts Album This August

New York based Indie rock band Upright Man is set to release their self-titled album this Friday, August 18th  and it is absolutely worth hearing! The album is mellow, easy listening. The band captures laid back, psychedelic-like essence with use of deliberate vocals, roots-rock style guitar rhythms, and finessed percussion. Aidan Dolan (vocals, guitar), Nick Katz (bass, vocals) and Max Yassky (drums, backing vocals) have combined talents that mesh from the opening track to the end. Their musicality sounds effortless although a combination of hard work, practice and shared creativity have led to their album debut. The band makes excellent use of lyricism and each track has river-like momentum, flowing without a hitch from the first to last note.

Tracks such as “Say What You Mean”, the band’s namesake song, “Upright Man”, and “Ecstasy” utilize all members’ vocal talents. There is nothing harsh about Aidan Dolan’s nor anyone else’s voices. Their vocal ranges blend into instrumental lines seamlessly.  The band uses chromaticism with purpose. It seems to create a feeling of  tension which is resolved just as delicately as it was introduced. The piano featured in “Three Easy Pieces” is simply beautiful and I must admit, my favorite track on the album. It us the ending piano in “Three Easy Pieces” that is especially melodic and wonderfully fragile. Upright Man takes on a singer-songwriter feel and what sounds like ¾ time can be heard in the enchanting track “Alaska”.  The debut album rounds out strongly with “Animals”, the heaviest track on the album, and “Checked Out” with it’s hypnotic, continuous bass and brief use of pentatonics.

Upright Man is an ideal turntable companion but can be just as appreciated in your digital music library. Brew your favorite coffee blend and spend some time with Upright Man. The album will be available through iTunes and in MP3 format on Amazon. The band is currently performing through August 31. You can check out their show list here.

Photo By: Sloane Morrison

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