Tyler Reese Tritt comes onto the country scene with debut of “Perfect”

Tyler Reese Tritt, daughter of Country music icon Travis Tritt is out to make her mark as she debuts single “Perfect”. Tyler, 19 now, first embraced her talent in 2012 with duet of “Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough” with her father Travis Tritt. The YouTube video has accumulated over 5 million views.

“Perfect” is a young love song with a fresh sound of true country music in her voice. A sound country has been desperately needing, it is finally found. Tyler is looking at a future of endless possibilities and achievements.

Produced by Jesse Owen Astin and co-written by Astin, Adam Folsom, and Dionne Osborne, “Perfect” is a song about a young couple’s first romance that started as best of friends.


Photo credit: Kelly Lane Photography

“My goal for this song is for people to be able to relate,” commented Tyler. “I want everyone to hear it and say, ‘that reminds me of my first love.’ I hope it takes people back to their senior year of high school and reminds them of all those feelings during their last homecoming; the sadness, the awkwardness and the excitement of living in that perfect moment and never wanting it to end. That’s what I hope people will take away from this song.”

You can find Tyler’s new single “Perfect” at iTunes and Spotify and other music sources.

Tyler will continue touring with her Dad through the end of the year, including on November 4 in Tunica, MS and December 3 in Montgomery, AL. For more details and other confirmed dates, visit TylerReeseTritt.com and follow Tyler on Facebook and Instagram.

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