Deen Castronovo on ‘Freedom’ and Revolution Saints!

Revolution Saints with Deen Castronovo, Doug Aldrich, and Jack Blades have been busy in the studio with their latest album Light in the Dark. The album is available now and is most definitely getting some rave reviews! The Deluxe Edition features four live bonus tracks and a DVD with footage from the bands’ first concert in Milan, Italy! Deen Castronovo is a gracious artist who shared his time with us to promote the album and give praise to his band mates Doug Aldrich and Jack Blades. The powerhouse trio’s most  recent endeavor is packed full of bombastic artistry in all eleven tracks. Deen’s energy, passion, and thirst for life is infectious and it’s reflected not only in the album, but in his sincere comments on what Revolution Saints have been creating!

“Every day I wake up and I think, I’m alive, I’m still doing this! I love it and I’m so grateful.”  Deen also shared that, “The chemistry was undeniable [within Revolution Saints]. I’ve known Jack since I was seventeen and [more recently] Doug was on the road with Whitesnake and Journey so that’s how I got to know him. The musicianship is just amazing.” Deen discussed the collaboration of Revolution Saints and the added lyrical of Alessandro Del Viccio.

When asked about production of the album, Deen said, “To me Doug is the Revolution Saints sound. He takes it and puts his stamp on it. He makes those things shine. Alessandro had already written the lyrics. Alessandro and I had talks and he really nailed the lyrics because I was reconnecting with life and Alessandro had written about some of those exact experiences. I changed some stuff around to make it so that I was actually singing that part.” Deen also flexed his musical muscle with songwriting. “The song I wrote was “Freedom”. I had the lyrics and a guitar riff and I sent it over to Doug who was like, ‘I can make this cool.’ And sure enough…he did! It’s the first song I’ve written in my life!” Check out the song and video for  “Freedom”

Deen Castronovo has an impressive career as do his bandmates. When asked how his style as a drummer has changed through the years, Deen thoughtfully answered, “The drummer I’ve been for forty years, that’s my stamp and my style. My progression has been gradual but I’ve definitely become a better drummer. I’m a metal drummer and my progression from Hardline to Revolution Saints has been kind of the same. When I hear a hard rock beat, I’m going to dig in! For me also, it’s about being a seasoned musician. You can adapt and grow and change.”

On a side note, Deen stresses the importance of having people in your life as a support base and to hold you accountable. He can offer up his words of wisdom from his own personal experiences. Revolution Saints Light in the Dark is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play! You can check out “Take You Down” and the album’s title track “Light in the Dark”

Photo Credit: Johnny Pixel

Light In The Dark track listing:

01. Light In The Dark
02. Freedom
03. Ride On
04. I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
05. Don’s Surrender
06. Take You Down
07. The Storm Inside
08. Can’t Run Away From Love
09. Running On The Edge
10. Another Chance
11. Falling Apart
12. Back On My Trail (bonus track on deluxe edition)
13. Turn Back Time (bonus track on deluxe edition)
14. Here Forever (bonus track on deluxe edition)
15. Locked Out Of Paradise (bonus track on deluxe edition)

Writer: Amanda Knight

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