Artist of the Week: NF

Nate Feuerstein formerly known as NF is a Christian hip-hop artist from Michigan. Nate’s lyrics and his feelings are what his four albums are jam packed with. “I’ve never been a preacher type artist. I’ve always been like raw emotion. This is how I deal with things. This is a therapy session” Nate says.

“I write to beats…the beat brings out the emotions that I’m feeling. Whatever I’m feeling that’s what I’m going to write. You know if I’m feeling angry about something, I’m going to write a song. It might be kind of angry, but that’s what I’m feeling.”

Nate has made a name for himself starting from his first released album with Capital records “Mansion” back in 2015 with his debut single “I’ll Keep On” (Feat. Jeremiah Carlson) igniting a whole new world for NF. A song that has connected with millions and still receives a lot of airplay.

Not covering up his scars and trials, NF deals with his emotions on a level that relates to all fans, all walks of life. Trying to cope with the loss of his mother from a drug overdose to bitter relationships, to feeling like the only one he has was his pen and notebook.





Nf is currently about to kick off his Perception world tour and all dates are about sold out already. Perception is the title of his latest album. Raving success NF is quickly moved up the ladder in the music industry and nothing will slow him down from producing great quality music to his fans.

I had a chance to see NF two years ago hot off the release of “I”ll Keep On” on the Air1 Positive Hits Tours in Lexington, Ky and even though his set was shorter than I would have liked it was insane how the moment the lights dropped you could feel the raw emotion in his words as he performed.

You can see more of NF at:

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