Zack Shelton & 64 To Grayson “Between The Pews” album review

Zack Shelton & 64 to Grayson is about to release their latest album “Between The Pews” and we have had the privilege to listen to the album in it’s entirety before it drops! Let’s back up a little bit and state that Zack Shelton and his band have some how continued to over achieve in terms of becoming better, performing above and beyond, and creating an album that is somehow better than the last. “Between The Pews” is going to sweep listeners off their feet in awe just as it did me. So lets dive into the album a little.

The first track is titled “Jesus In That” a very simple title or a song that really puts Jesus in the mix of everything even when we don’t really think of it, it’s always him. Its catchy and fun and wouldn’t be a surprise if it was to become a single off this album.

A rockin’ beat kicking of the song “Fire By Night” is Gods promise that lights the way. Craig has a sweet guitar solo with funky riffs that give the song a funky fun atmosphere.

“Mercy We Don’t Deserve” Is jam packed with heartfelt lyrics. Zack’s upbeat vocals midway is what brings everything together for me, it becomes more than a song, it becomes conviction (in a good way). Zack and the band released the music video for “Mercy We Don’t Deserve” in December prior to the release of the album and within two days it received over 20,000 views.

“Resting Place” brings in the concept that this earth is not the final resting place. “There’s no hurt and there’s no pain”. Death is a topic most will not sing about but Zack and 64 to Grayson gives the listener assurance that life is not over at death in a quick tempo and joyful manner. This is a really great song.

Breaking through the string pickin’ with his deep tone, Zack belted out “Amazing his grace and how sweet is his sound” in the intro for “Between the Pews” which is also the title of the album. This song is one that could be played at church every Sunday and would never get outdated. It takes me back to my childhood sitting in the pews learning Gods promises and building a relationship that stands above all. This song took me by suprise and really wasn’t what I expected, it was better!

“I was happiest to see this track on the album because usually every time you hear it is nothing but a good time with a smile on your face and it was just. “I Saw the Light/ I’ll Fly Away” Is full of boot stomping’ hand clapping fun for the family.

“Love in the Flesh” Slows it down a little bit with a beautiful violin playing through out. A song all about Gods love and his love is enough. ” Audience of One” A tune about finding and knowing ones purpose which is a struggle sometimes to find. Sometimes you feel it hasn’t started or it hasn’t made impact as it should. This is personally one of my favorites off the entire album because it’s not just lyrics its a person, it’s everyone who “Longs the need to breathe”. Its a song that can move mountains.

“Author of My Life” starts with keys playing and Zack singing a low melody. Pouring their hearts into the song like all others, if i was to go out on a limb this has the works of becoming a single. “Oh the Day (Be Thou My Vision)” is the last track on the album and unites the beginning and the body of this album with it’s bluegrassy touch.Wrapping up the album with joyful praise and upbeat rhythms.


This album was an enjoyment from start to end. Most albums have what they call “filler tracks” but there’s not one to be found on “Between The Pews”. This is an embodiment and a testament of their praise for God. Zack, Craig, and Tiffany have created something that can move mountains and change lives. Listening to one song is proof that they love this journey their on and by God’s graces and a strong fan base that is growing rapidly.

Track list:

Jesus In That

Fire By Night

Mercy We Don’t Deserve

Resting Place

Between the Pews

I Saw the Light/ I’ll Fly Away

Love in the Flesh

Audience of One

Author of My Life

Oh the Day (Be Thou My Vision)

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