Sleepwar’s latest single “Thousand Different Faces” review & article

Phoenix based, Indie Rock band Sleepwar has released the Official Music Video for their single, “Thousand Different Faces.” Originally premiered on Paste Magazine, “Thousand Different Faces” is the first single off of the band’s upcoming debut EP, When We Were.

Sleepwar is led by Roger Willis (vocals) with Tim Woodbridge (producer, keys), James Allen (bass), Mark Pfister (guitar), and Brendan McGuinness (drums). The bands new wave and synth-pop influence are noticeable, lyrics speaking out about addiction, recovery, and the unending struggles of life.

“Thousand Different Faces” is a techno vibe with keys and mixes along with guitar rhythms. The song can convey multiple meanings to the listener and doesn’t lead you into thinking it’s a monotone track with its upbeat beats followed by its low soundless moments to draw the listen in closer.

Sleepwar emerging from Arizona, will find themselves at a very successful career if they keep up the tunes they are producing now. A style that is a mesh of new wave and synth-pop, it’s a motion that could be as innovative and defining as grunge and will draw fans from across the world. Sleepwar is close to debuting their EP “When We Were” and be sure to check them out on social medias  (Facebook, Twitter, ect) to find out where to catch them live and be sure to check out the video below for “Thousand Different Faces” and drop a comment to let us know what you thought!

Sleepwar’s self-released initial EP, When We Were, due for an early 2018 release, was recorded, mixed, and produced by Cory Spotts (Job For A Cowboy, The Maine, Bless the Fall, Greeley Estates) at BLUElight Audio Media in Phoenix, AZ.



Track List:
1. When We Were
2. Thousand Different Faxes
3. Forever
4. The Jaywalker
5. Wandered and Washed


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