Razorwire Halo just released their single “Sweat” off their upcoming EP

Razorwire Halo has just  released their new single, “Sweat,” from their upcoming EP “Retaliate”, due out March 27th, 2018.Primary_Group_Glitched_NONAME

“In the last couple years each one of us have had major hardships in our lives that have hit us deeply in various ways. Physically and emotionally we have been beat down and broken. The upcoming EP focuses on some of these experiences and the emotions involved. ‘Sweat’ is a sexually charged track that focuses on pure unrestrained passion between two people.” – Tak Kitara (Vocalist)

This award winning band, Razorwire Halo is an established band with the promising ability to immerse fans into their music. Always producing great quality and new material as often as they can, and quite frankly faster than most. Giving Razorwire Halo the cutting edge on attracting more fans with more material. With that RWH is set to release their latest album “Retaliate” which is expected to be just as successful.



Razorwire Halo Enhanced Live Performances:
03/30 @ Shooter’s – Fort Smith, AR
03/31 @ Orileys – Dallas, TX
05/11 @ @ Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall – St. Joseph, MO
05/12 @ The Outland Bar – Springfield, MO
05/26 @ The Rusty Needle – Hutchinson, KS
06/01 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
06/03 @ The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX


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