Country singer-songwriter, James Dupré has just released “Hurt Good” to country air waves

“‘Hurt Good‘” is about a relationship that progresses unexpectedly and faster than anticipated. Now that they are in it, it’s all they can think about, and they can’t get enough of it,” comments Dupré“I immediately loved the feel of the song; it’s such a dark and sexy lyric.”

The song is the follow-up to his debut release “Stoned To Death” which reached #45 on the Billboard Indicator chart and #33 on the Music Row CountryBreakOut chart. 

“Hurting never sounded so good!” commented Country music superstar and Dupré’s mentor, Randy Travis. “James Dupré has a voice and a delivery that leaves you shaking your head—so pure, so strong, so effortless. I could listen all day!  His talent deserves notice, by all—writers, producers, labels, and listeners. I’m anxious to see ‘Hurt Good’ hit the charts and take wings!”


Upcoming Dates:
March 31:       Southbound Bar & Grill, Springfield, MO
April 19:         Whiskey Jam @ Winners, Nashville, TN
April 21:         Scoreboard Bar & Grill, Nashville, TN
May 12:          Private Event, Pensacola, FL
July 5:             Smith County Fair, Carthage, TN
July 6:             Bluebird Café, Vallonia, IN
July 7:             Private Event, Brownstown, IN
Sept 22:          Private Event, Brownstown, IN
Oct 20:            Private Event, Lake Charles, LA


For more information, visit
And follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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