Thompson Square to release first album in 5 years

THOMPSON SQUARE have just revealed news of their first album in more than five years, announcing the June 1 release of their third studio project, MASTERPIECE. Working independently for the first time in their career, the award-winning pair continue to explore the organic vocal blend at the core of their husband-and-wife team, a quality which has made Keifer and Shawna Thompson one of the best loved male/female duos in recent Country-music memory.

“This album is called MASTERPIECE, and the definition of a masterpiece is an artist’s life’s work,” Keifer says. “When we’re 80 years old and we look back, we want to be able to say we’re really proud of all the stuff we did.”

“It is extremely diverse,” Shawna adds. “We didn’t design it that way, but Keifer and I love all types of music, and I think that shows more on this record than any of the others.”

Marking the beginning of the next chapter of Thompson Square’s story, five songs (“Masterpiece,” “A Love Like This,” “Millionaires,” “Up In Smoke” and “Let’s Do Something Stupid”) are available now for fans and the full length album is available for pre-order here. After breaking out in 2010 with the tempting come-on of “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not,” the duo went on to place three more singles in Country radio’s Top 10, while both of their first two albums landed in Billboard’s Top 5.

For more information about Thompson Square, please visit Reach out to them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

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