45 To Argos talks touring, their new single and much more!

Alternative rock band 45 To Argos took time to chat with Music Matters this week. 45 To Argos is a Michigan based band who is hot off the release of their latest upliftin single “Dreamcatcher”.

First of all Brandon, Brandon, and David… why does music matter to you?


45 To Argos: Music is and always has been one of the main driving forces in our lives. Ever since we were young, we loved listening to music and the idea of creating music.


Listening back to your music on YouTube 45 To Argos seems to be comfortable with a variety of different styles of music. Who have been some of your favorite bands growing up and who do you still find yourselves listening to today?


45 To Argos: We often find ourselves listening to the same bands we did when we were very young. Those bands include Green Day, Ozzy, Led Zeppelin, and Halestorm.


Do you find your surroundings there in Michigan influencing your development as musicians or are those influences coming in from a broader place worldwide?


45 To Argos: Most of our creative influences have come from the bands we listen to. We did pick up quite a bit of direction from our time at college, where we all graduated with our associates in music.


What is the music scene like in Michigan?


45 To Argos: Interestingly enough we’ve found ourselves playing in Indiana much more than Michigan. The scene in Indiana is filled with mostly original bands, usually metal or alternative, with a few cover bands here and there. A lot of people in these bands are tight we each other and watch each other’s backs, so that’s cool.


Is there a little-known fact about the Michigan music scene that most people don’t know about?


45 To Argos: We haven’t really been too far out from where we’re from so we’re not sure if this applies to all music scenes, but if something is going on with a band or musician, whether it be positive or negative, everyone in the scene knows about it. For example, some bands have decided to lay the band to rest and have a farewell show. Usually, a whole bunch of people from other bands comes out to support them for one last hoorah.

Another example would be some musicians that have been rather nasty with one another. They sometimes go to great lengths to embarrass or harass each other and unfortunately, everyone in the scene knows about it and either picks a side or ignores it. Either way, word spreads fast and everyone knows what is going on.


Are all of you ready to take your music on the road and tour? Who would you like to tour with?


45 To Argos: We’re definitely ready to tour. We feel we have a strong enough show to entertain an hour. It would be a dream to tour with Nothing More.


“Dreamcatcher” is such a great song. The music video lifts it up even higher. Talk about the song and the music video development.


45 To Argos: Thank you. The song is about being empowered to achieve anything you set your mind to. We wanted to make the music video as fun as possible. We went to a good number of stores before shooting and bought a bunch of random items that would be fun to use and mess around with on camera. The end result turned out better than we expected.


Each song clear up to “Dreamcatcher” seems to develop to itself. You pride yourself on being unique. How would you explain the process you go through to maintain this direction? Is it difficult to keep originality and uniqueness going?


45 To Argos: When we have an idea for a song, we go to our practice space and work it out. We don’t have an intricate method to writing, we just jam until it sounds cool and then run with it. We are all into different styles of music and have different musical backgrounds, so when we mesh our ideas together we make what we feel is unique music.


Where might we find you all hanging out on a weekend night when you are not performing?


45 To Argos: You may find our drummer Dave out being adventurous at some bars or places that provide vegan foods. As for the guitarist and bassist, you may find them at places that sell cheap food or at a music store.


Plan your next tour… what are the absolutelynecessary elements that must come on the road for a two-week trip?


45 To Argos: Our main priority would be clothes and backups for all our equipment, aside from that we would bring hair care products, cologne, and plenty of deodorant. We get sweaty on stage.


What can we expect next from 45 To Argos?


45 To Argos: We have a new song with a video coming out soon. It’s a bit heavier than our past few releases and we’re super excited for everyone to hear it.



Everyone here at Music Matters wanted to thank the band 45 To Argos for talking with us! Be sure to check out their music video for “Dreamcatchers” below!


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