Jim Brown releases single “Honky-Tonk Woman”

Singer songwriter Jim Brown releases his latest single, “Honky-Tonk Women”. A tale of a man charmed by a local waitress at his favorite tavern. Jim co-wrote this single with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Jerry Chesnut. Jerry had also wrote memorable songs such as (George Jones – “A Good Year for the Roses,” Johnny Cash – “Oney,” Elvis Presley – “T-R-O-U-B-L-E,”). 
This song is a pure classic! It has the touch of a modern day theme with mid to late 90’s tunes. A song about a blue collar worker celebrating the hard work put in for the week and hearing about it when he got home. “you better live till your dead because your going to be a long time gone”. A fun and toe tapping song doesn’t get any better!

Jim’s modern-day adaptation of traditional country is showcased on this boot-tapping single, a song perfect for line dancing country fans around the globe. It’s very clear why Jim and his co-writer Jerry Chesnut, who has hits recorded by George Jones, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and many others, make a perfect match: Jim channels George “The Possum” Jones with his hiccup-style bends and vocal delivery. Fans can sign up for a free download of the single by clicking here.

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