Southern Halo ‘Just Like In The Movies’ album review

Southern Halo is a trio of sisters Natalia, Hannah and Christina Morris who are highly talented and skilled. These ladies have been working hard at putting together an album that really showcases their ablities and skills. Each song is like a story in a movie telling a story. “Just Like In The Movies” the title of the album and is set to be released April 27th!

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has put together an album that directs the trio in the right direction. Straight up! This album is a testament of their hard work and dedication in making a career in Nashville and making a name for Southern Halo. These ladies I believe are the upcoming faces of Nashville. With albums such as this one it’s not a wonder that they are selling out shows and touring all over America year round.

The album starts off with their self titled song of the band “Southern Halo”. A nod to southern women and their charm, paired with their Southern Halo’s. It’s a fun catchy and upbeat track that I personally find a favorite off the album. The album is a exploration if you will of life like being in the movies. The ladies kick it up a notch with upbeat track “My Girls & Me” that brings its own rock style feel to the album.

“Notice Me” an insight into a part of life that I’m sure everyone has encountered when someone we have wanted to be with just doesn’t look your way. Apparently women and men alike have the same nervous feeling when going out with someone for the first time. Southern Halo describes the emotions to a T in “I Think Too Much”.

Dressing up and fine dining are fun but in “Tom Girl” they also like to get dirty out in the country. As Natalia says, “everyone talks about ‘tom boys’ or ‘girly girls’ – no one ever talks about ‘tom girls.’  Christina loves fishing while Hannah rides horses and I enjoy building projects in our backyard, but we love to get prettied up for a night out.  We’re all ‘tom girls.’”

“Anything Is Possible” is their single that released a short time ago and is uplifting and carries such a positive message it is motivating when it’s needed the most. “Not Today” is a beautifully written  heart rending. Following; “Missing Missisippi” gives fans a look into Natalia’s first night in Nashville away from home. Making the much needed changes to make their dreams become reality. Reminiscing on the pursuit of making dreams happen.

Penned by famed song writer Alex Dooly, “Famous” with the storyline of that is sometimes brings along lonliness and the battle that is brought on with it. “Gettin’ Back Up” starts out with a slow melody and quickly cranks it up. A play by play of getting knocked down but not staying down. “I’m standing up shaking off all the dust you were good at knocking me down but I’m better at getting back up.”

“Hey Boy” is one that applies to some guys who do not know “how to treat a lady”. This very upbeat pop incorporated theme is an in your face you know better tune. Sometimes you have to reconnect with where you’ve come from to get to where your going and “Coming Home” sets that mood. Needing that feel and touch that only home can comfort.

You can part ways but “It’s Always Been You” brings the realization that being miles apart isn’t what matters. A love song that touch’s the listeners heart and at least for me replays those moments love has consumed my life with happiness.


”Just Like In The Movies” co written by Jana Kramer, Catt Gravitt, and Brian Kierulf and the song is given a fun pop rock fused together with vocals that are raw and welcoming to the ear. Having already reached success in the U.K. This song is the forefront of their ability and a huge soon to be success to push Southern Halo into stardom.

This album has everything fans look for in an album and then some. From love, loneliness, to feeling invincible there’s no limit’s inclosed in this album. Southern Halo had a dream when they ventured out on this career and their self motivation and self driven hard working attitudes. Overall I love the album and it’s concept with all it’s wonders. Be sure to head out and grab your copy before they run out because they won’t last long!

Track Listing

1 Southern Halo

2 My Girls & Me

3 Notice Me

4 I Think Too Much

5 Tom Girl

6 Anything Is Possible

7 Not Today

8 Missing Mississippi

9 Famous

10 Gettin’ Back Up

11 Hey Boy

12 Coming Home

13 It’s Always Been You

14 Just Like In The Movies


Since their hypnotically-upbeat Country radio debut, “Little White Dress,” caught the attention of U.S. radio and press (spending eight weeks at #1 on the International Hotdisc Chart) this sibling trio has broken down doors and shattered glass ceilings.  Their sophomore single, “Rewind,” was a U.S. Top 40 MusicRow CountryBreakout™ Chart hit that also held the #1 spot on the Hotdisc Chart for two weeks.  The group’s third single, “Living Like That,” quickly found success of its own, and further bolstered the trio’s profile.  It’s been a fast ride to the big stage for these Delta darlings.  Since landing in the National Finals of the 2014 Texaco Country Showdown as the youngest competitors ever, the band has opened for Maren Morris, Deana Carter, Love and Theft, Brantley Gilbert, Eric Paslay, Tyler Farr, Parmalee, Old Dominion, American Young, Blues immortal B.B. King and legendary chanteuse Dionne Warwick, among many others.  The Cleveland, Mississippi natives have performed at the CMA Music Festival, at a pre-show on the rooftop terrace of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and launched Townsquare Media’s “Say It With Pepsi” Concert Series.
Stay Up To Date with Southern Halo:
Twitter: @3halos
Instagram:  officialsouthernhalo

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  1. Ryan… can you make these changes???

    fix this sentence please ( does not make sense):

    Not only that but each son tellin a story; one just like in the movies. “Just Like In The Movies” the title of the album and is set to be released April 27th!

    And this one:

    It’s a fun catch and upbeat track that I personally find a favorite off the album

    Notice Me” an insight into a part in (of ?) life I’m sure everyone has encountered

    Penned by famed song song writer Alex Dooley (with an “e”), “Famous” with the storyline of that is sometimes brings along lonliness and the battle that is brought on with it.

    And can you reduce OR just delete the trademark ——CountryBreakout™ Chart hit

    Thanks, MM


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