“TAKE 5” with Southern Halo

Southern Halo took the time to “Take 5” with Music Matters Magazine right before the hot off the press release of their upcoming album “Just Like In The Movies” which hits stores and digital retailers everywhere April 27th. Southern Halo is a sister trio made up of Natalia, Christina, and Hannah Morris who moved to Nashville to pursue their dreams of making it to Country music stardom. With the release of their highly-anticipated album; the sky is the limit!

Ryan: If you could spend the day doing whatever you want (non-musical), what would it be?

NATALIA— I would most definitely spend my morning having a “pamper day” doing my nails, applying a face mask and detoxing. Maybe a little yoga in the afternoon as well. It’s always good to get a little personal time when you can!

CHRISTINA—I would go camping, fishing, boating, and frog gigin’! I love being out in the country!

HANNAH—I would go horseback riding all day long! I’m an equestrian, so I love spending time with horses any chance I get.


Ryan: During rehearsal who messes up the most?

NATALIA— I personally think we each have our fair share of mess ups in the band room; however, Christina does make a lot of funny noises when she messes up, haha!

CHRISTINA— Well ya know, being really focused on myself as the drummer, I would say that I do (or at least I think I do, LOL).

HANNAH— I think I do, because it’s so obvious to tell when the bass slips up.


Ryan: Should Country artist fashion go back to Joe Diffie mullets and Shania Twain high-waisted pants?

NATALIA— Oh goodness, no. I think classics should remain classics.

CHRISTINA—YES! Mullets are the coolest.

HANNAH—I think the mullets are a bit too much, but the high-waisted pants are definitely coming back into style!


Ryan: At the movies: Popcorn or candy? Water or soda? Row 1 or row 15? End seat or middle of the row? Stay through the credits or leave right away?

NATALIA—Can I choose both? I love putting peanut M&Ms in my popcorn so that I get a little chocolate surprise every now and then! / Does coca-cola icee count?! My all- time fav choice at every movie theatre! / Row 15—I love being as high up as I can so that I can watch the movie comfortably. I feel like I always am breaking my neck in the first few rows! / Middle seat. I know this sounds weird, but I feel like being in the middle lets you experience the movie from the perfect position. / I’m never in a hurry to leave. I usually stay through the credits chatting with whoever I am with!

CHRISTINA— Popcorn/ I LOVE COCA-COLA ICEES! / Awe man, Row 1.

I like to feel like I’m IN the movie. / Middle row seat. You get like, every angle of the movie! / Stay through the credits chatting about how great or horrible it was afterwards—haha!

HANNAH—I always choose a snickers bar when I am at the movies. / Water to drink

/ Row 15—you can be loud and have fun! / I like being in the middle of the row. It’s a much better view of the movie! / I always get up and leave right away so that I can get to my car before the “post-movie” crowd!


Ryan: Being from the south you have southern drawls and saying that other folks in the world just wouldn’t understand. What are some of your favorite sayings?

NATALIA—“Bless your heart,” “Darlin’,” and “Well I declare.”

CHRISTINA—“Ya Mom and them,” “Nah I’m sayin’?” (You know what I am saying?), “Over Yonder,” and “Full as a tick.”

HANNAH—“Hold your horses,” “Y’all,” “Heavens to Betsy,” and “Lord love a duck.”


We want to thank Southern Halo for taking the time to talk with us about well everything from music to going to the movies! We want to deliver the insight of artist that you won’t find any where else. Be sure to keep up with Southern Halo their social media!

Stay Up To Date with Southern Halo:
Twitter: @3halos   https://twitter.com/3halos
Instagram:  officialsouthernhalo


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